Photo report: 105-man roster reports

Eighty-five returning athletes joined the Tide newcomers Friday morning for the first full day of Fall Camp. Following tradition, the night before the incoming freshmen (junior-college transfers escaped) received "haircuts" to signify their rookie status. The weather was actually rather mild, but VERY humid, which did affect the tempo at times. But overall the effort and enthusiasm was consistently high.

During warmups freshman inside linebacker Freddie Roach (#8) and sophomore strongside linebacker Brad Biehl (#58) pause between stretches. Biehl finished spring listed third-string behind Brooks Daniels and Jason Rawls. And despite the fact that he's only a true freshman, Coach Franchione said after practice that Roach was adjusting the fastest of all the newcomers, giving clear indication that he'll get every chance to play this year.

Senior quarterback Jonathan Richey makes the option pitch. If early observations are any indication, Coach Fran is telling the truth when he says that some part of just about any type offense out there can be found in his offensive schemes.

It may not be his most flattering picture, but the photo accurately demonstrates that Tide Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard is in charge of the early warmup period. He said yesterday that with the start of Fall Camp, he's handed the squad off to Coach Fran for the season.

Terry Jones Jr. (#82) and Theo Sanders (#89) get in some old-fashioned work on the blocking sled. Tide fans are obviously hoping that the extensive work on fundamentals put in by this team will pay off in better play during the season. Behind the two Donald Clarke (#93) and Clint Johnston (#88) wait their turn.

The drill is simple. Coach Eggen controls the 'football' while the linemen set up exactly on the line, watching with muscles coiled for the first movement. With all the noise and confusion during games, it's easy for linemen to get distracted. But simply watching the football remains the best way to avoid off-sides penalties. Jarrett Johnson (#96) and David Daniel (#57) sprint off the line, while Anthony Bryant ((#97) and Allen Hollie (#91) look on.

As those that know him will attest, junior fullback Marvin Brown almost always wears a broad smile on his face. But after receiving the recent good news that he had regained his eligibility, the powerful athlete's smile has been even bigger than before--if that's possible.

Contrary to the popular saying, pictures can indeed "lie"--or at least not indicate the truth. Here, walk-on receiver Lance Taylor is *not* fumbling the pass. Instead the ball was well over his head and he actually displayed good body control to even give himself a chance to catch the football.

Forward, sideways to the left, sideways to the right... Drill after drill after drill at full speed quickly had even the well-conditioned athletes leaning forward to grab their knees. Eggen's only response (besides allowing water breaks of course), "Do you want to change that 3-8 record or not?" That's senior nose tackle David Daniel doing his run.

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