Mosley mulls commitment

Charles Mosley has had Alabama on top of his list for some time after Nick Saban and company were first to offer in February, and he spent several days in Tuscaloosa for the team's initial summer camp. He broke down a potential commitment, new positions and much more inside.

There was another chance for Charles Mosley to impress the Alabama coaching staff at this week's camp and he was able to do so - even at multiple positions.

"I did good, I really did well working at the three (technique) and the five (technique)," he said after returning home. "I started working at the nose, but then I moved outside working on the pass-rush. (Four-star) Matt Elam was at the nose, so I moved down to the five."

Mosley, who checks in at 6-foot-4, 340 pounds himself, found him on the outside and terrorizing opponents alongside Elam - who also views the Crimson Tide highly. The two-way talent has played on the edge before.

"I played the five some in high school, I had another big guy at the nose," said Mosley. "I'm real quick coming on the inside, getting my hands up. I know how to play it very well, but they moved me to nose because people always try to run away from me (otherwise)."

The head man in Tuscaloosa agrees with his four-star target out of Brighton (Tenn).

"I talked to Coach [Nick] Saban, he was saying there is no doubt I can play the three and the five," he said. "He said Big Matt can go ahead and play the noseguard."

The two four stars got to know each other a bit better while on campus together. A preview of things to come?

"I really didn't know the guy, but me and him got really close at the camp," said Mosley of Elam. "We just started talking, but we didn't talk about playing together. But I told him if we did commit to the same school, he can have the nose because he's bigger than me."

"I can have the three and the five, you can take the nose. I don't want it no more," he added with a laugh.

The last time Mosley was in Tuscaloosa, for A-Day, there was some chatter about him playing on the offensive line. Despite success at multiple spots on the defensive front, O-line is still a possibility should he enroll at Alabama.

"I can still play both, I was planning to at camp," he admitted. "But then I stayed on defense. Offense actually comes the most naturally to me, especially run blocking. It's just easier.

"But on defense, I need to work on my hands because I can bull-rush no problem. So that's what I worked on."

When he wasn't working on technique and chatting it up with Elam, the entire coaching staff was who Mosley was interacting with and it only helped Alabama's chances of landing one of the top talents in Tennessee.

"I got to actually talk to the coaches a lot. I built a relationship with every coach, not just Coach Rumph, my recruiter," he said. "I talked to Coach Cristobal, Coach Smart, Coach Steele - pretty much everybody. It was good being down there so long, they're still number one.

"They're up there, I can't make a decision right now, but this is my top school."

While things are running smooth for the champs, don't expect a decision too soon from the four-star.

"I plan on seeing the other schools, I need to give everybody a chance to recruit me," he admitted. "I may have that feeling (with Alabama)...but I have to get down to Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas and basically the whole SEC."

Mother wants son to wait, and Mosley isn't willing to go against her wishes for now.

"I ain't committing to nobody," he maintained. "When I first got the offer from them (UA), I was going to commit, but my mom let me know there's going to be a whole lot more. My mom doesn't want me to commit early.

"I'm going to commit in the fall whenever I get done with my officials."

Mosley is ranked as the No. 22 defensive tackle prospect nationally on FOX Sports NEXT/

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