Bozeman working to become 'monster'

Alabama commit Bradley Bozeman elected to go the grayshirt route after tearing his ACL last fall, and now he's in the first stretch of workouts since completing his long rehab. Catch up with the four-star offensive lineman inside.

Former Roanoke (Ala.) Handley star offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman was at the top of his game at this time last summer, working towards competing for a chance to play early at Alabama as a freshman in 2013.

But the four-star suffered a torn ACL soon after, ending his senior season and pushing back his time at Alabama.

Since then, he's worked tirelessly through rehab to the point that he can now focus on simply building up strength and power. He's doing it with noted Birmingham trainer Jack Eyer and his group of prospects.

"I'm working with the rest of the guys," said Bozeman. "It's Jordan Sims, Ryan Childers, Tristan Tahmaseb and a couple others.

"I'm loving it. There's someone who can sit beside you and push you, if they're getting stronger, you should be too. We push each other all week. It's a real good group to work out with."

Bozeman has accepted a grayshirt opportunity at Alabama, meaning he'll enroll in January of 2014 instead of the fall of 2013, as originally planned. It does not affect his scholarship from Nick Saban and company. In the meantime, he's pushing Sims, a class of 2014 lineman already with an offer from the national champs.

"Of course, of course I am," he said of recruiting Sims to join him in Tuscaloosa. "We joke around about it, but Jordan is going to make the best decision for him. Hopefully it's 'Bama, but if it's not I'll support him 100 percent.

"Jordan is going to the Alabama camp (July 14), so I may go down there with him and hang out and watch a little bit."

Working with the group, instead of at rehab, is pushing Bozeman to new heights both mentally and physically.

"We finished the rehab about a month, month and a half ago, then I moved to Birmingham to work with Coach [Jack] Eyer four to five days a week," he said. "We're hitting the weight really hard. He's been pushing me really hard, pushing me where I need to be.

"Once I get there (Alabama) in January, there will be a monster walking through the door."

His knee is closing in on full strength.

"I put it between 85 and 95 percent, somewhere around there," he added. "It's ridiculous how my leg is starting to come back, the strength and the cuts. It's really making a difference working with Jack."

Working out in Birmingham nearly didn't happen, there was some talk about Bozeman enrolling at Alabama or a local community college sooner than expected.

"I was changed a million different times," he explained. "First, I was going to go to Shelton (State Community College in Tuscaloosa) to take classes and find somewhere to work out and get a job. Then I was just going to Tuscaloosa, then back home.

"But the best thing for me was to focus on getting bigger and stronger, so I'm staying with my cousin in Birmingham and working out with Coach Eyer. It's just grind and workout until January."

Bozeman will enroll at Alabama in January, on a full scholarship, to begin his college career both athletically and academically. He's used to the transition after graduating from Handley High in the spring.

"It was weird at first, but now it's natural to me," he said. "I go in every day, I have no problem with the grayshirt. It gives me time to get where I need to be."

"I told Coach [Bobby] Williams, the main one I talk to, and he said there was a chance I can be brought in for the fall," he continued. "But I told him I'd like to take the grayshirt instead. Now, compared to where I was last year, there's no comparison. I'm getting there, but I'm nowhere near where I was.

"My goal when I get to 'Bama is to start as a freshman, so we're trying to get there."

As for his position once enrolled at Alabama, there's still no set spot on the roster - which is fine with the incoming freshman.

"It's just 'be ready,' that's what they tell me," said Bozeman. "If they want me to play quarterback, I'll play quarterback, it doesn't matter to me. Even if it's at defensive line, I have no problem with that.

"Being able to be on that field is a blessing. If I get moved to center, guard, tackle, I'm not going to complain."

With a position projection the last thing on his mind, the 6-foot-5, 315-pounder will keep working towards his physical goals.

"We're in the endurance stage right now, then it switches into Coach Eyer's cycling program, which is pretty much body-building," he said. "We'll have targets to hit every week, then it goes on and on and on."

Bozeman was ranked as the No. 28 offensive guard prospect nationally in the class of 2013. He will count towards Alabama's 2014 class, which is allotted 25 scholarships annually.

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