'Bama in on another 2017 talent

Class of 2017 phenom Dylan Moses has become a national story due in part to Alabama's involvement with the rising high school freshman. While an offer hasn't yet gone out to another incoming ninth grader, he is generating buzz with Alabama's staff enough for him to already be courted.

Dylan Moses may be the only class of 2017 player with an offer from Alabama, but he's not the only soon-to-be high school freshman on the Crimson Tide's radar.

With his father and coach by his side, young St. Joseph (MI) talent Corey Malone-Hatcher checked out Tuscaloosa for the first time on Wednesday.

"It went great," said Orlando Malone, Corey's father. "They gave us the full access to their facilities. We met the family. It was great. Awesome facilities."

The 2017 standout projects as a defensive end at the moment, though he also plays tight end, and it resonated with the Tide staff despite his youth.

"They commented on his wing-span and size, like how strong he already is," said Malone. "After they saw his YouTube lifts (view one HERE), they wanted to see him in person.

Malone-Hatcher with Nick Saban's rings.

"They weighed him and got his height. I'll speak with Coach [Bobby] Williams again next week."

CMH was actually bigger before hitting his stride in basketball this summer.

"He dropped weight to play summer basketball, about 10 pounds," said Malone. "They got him at 203 pounds and in between 6-2 and 6-3 (at Alabama). But he has a wide wing-span that indicates he'll put on much more size.

"They were surprised at how developed he is. He just finished the eighth grade, but looks older."

While the coaches were impressed with Malone-Hatcher, the feeling was reciprocated.

"He thought the facilities are great," said dad. "My wife loved it. Coach Williams is awesome. He loves Coach Scott Cochran. Coach talked about him having that long wing span like a basketball player.

"He said he could fill him out nicely."

BamaMag was informed that the interest between the two parties is preliminary, but UA isn't the only school intrigued by the young talent at this point. Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio, Akron and others have approached the family about Malone-Hatcher.

The picture below is CMH in front of the new locker room mural.

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