Bama Probably Has Jinx Ahead

We might as well get this out of the way. In 1992, the Southeastern Conference had expanded to 12 teams, enabling the league to have a conference football championship game. Alabama has played in eight of those 21 games, winning four (and, of course, losing four).

On Thursday, the SEC will reveal the vote of media covering the pre-season conference event in Hoover, and the first paragraph will say that Alabama has been predicted to win the 2013 championship.

By about the second paragraph it will be pointed out that sports reporters have been notoriously poor prognosticators. Only four times has the predicted winner won the SEC Championship Game.

The Crimson Tide has not fared well as favorite. Bama has been picked number one prior to the 1993, 2000, 2010, and 2011 seasons. In only one of those seasons -- 1993 -- has Alabama even made the championship game, and the Tide lost that contest.

Alabama is 0-4 when picked to win the title. Florida won it in 1993 and 2000, Auburn won in 2010, and LSU in 2011.

Alabama won the first SEC Championship Game in 1992, when Florida had been the pre-season favorite. The Tide downed the Gators, 28-21, in that inaugural game at Legion Field in Birmingham.

Alabama also won the title in 1999, defeating Florida at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Tennessee had been the pre-season favorite.

Alabama's eight SEC Championship Game appearances have included seven games against Florida (3-4 record) and one -- last year -- against Georgia, when Bama took a 32-28 win en route to the national championship. LSU had been the pre-season favorite.

Alabama lost to Florida in 1994 by 24-23 when the Gators were the favorite and 1996 by 45-30 (Tennessee favored) before beating the Gators 34-7 in 1999 (again, the Vols were the favorire). Florida was a 31-20 winner in 2008 and the Gators had been the pre-season favorite and Bama won in 2009 by 32-13 (again, Florida had been favored).

Florida has been projected to win and actually won the championship in three years (1994, 1995, and 2008) and LSU was the 2007 predicted winner and actual winner.

The only teams to win the SEC Football Championship Game are Alabama (4), Florida (7), LSU (4), and Tennessee, Georgia, and Auburn (2 each).

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