Quarterback Is Special At Bama

If you can name Alabama's starting quarterbacks over the past 50 or 60 years, you are not really special. Thousands of Crimson Tide fans could do it with a fair degree of accuracy. But if you have BEEN one of those quarterbacks, now that's special. The latest in that special position is AJ McCarron.

The most notable thing about A.J. McCarron is that he has quarterbacked Alabama to back-to-back national championships and is back for a final season to have a chance at making history, becoming the first to quarterback a college team to three consecutive national championships.

Last year he became the all-time Crimson Tide leader in career passing touchdowns with 49 and also became the single season record-holder at Alabama as he threw for 30 touchdowns in 2012. Against that, he was intercepted only three times in 2012. That's a primary reason he was the national leader in passing efficiency. He has thrown a Bama record 291 consecutive passes without an interception.

Here is the first in a series in which we see how other special people see Alabama quarterback A J McCarron:

Clell Hobson (1950-52) is the father in the only father-son quarterback combination in Alabama history. His son, Butch, was a quarterback in 1971 before going on to a major league baseball career. Clell said, "I was honored and very pleased that I was able to be one of the quarterbacks at Alabama. It has certainly been a blessing to me. It is always a great honor to be associated with The University of Alabama."

"I'm very impressed with AJ McCarron. He seems to be a down-to-earth guy with all the success he's had. It appears none of that has gone to his head. He speaks very well and has a lot of confidence in his ability. He has done an outstanding job of running the offense the way that Coach Nick Saban wants it run."

"The biggest thing is I like about him is the way he runs the offense. It appears to me he does not throw the ball unless he feels comfortable the receiver is in position to make the catch. If you get back there in the pocket and they're not open, he has made a couple of mistakes by not throwing the ball out of bounds but he's done that (throwing the ball away) well in the last couple years."

Bart Starr made a much greater name for himself as the quarterback of Vince Lombardi's championship teams at Green Bay winning the first two Super Bowls (as they would later be named) and being named the first MVP than he was as Alabama's quarterback (1952-55). Starr said, "It was a wonderful experience because in growing up in the state of Alabama and obviously being a little bit biased towards The University because of my dad's feelings and others in the family and my following them very closely as I was growing up, I was just overwhelmed and thrilled when I realized I was going to have a scholarship there."

Regarding McCarron, Starr said, "I like him very much. I think he has a lot of poise and talent. He is able to take advantage of his size. He's had a great career. My wife and I are just two of those fans out there cheering for him every weekend. I admire him for the way he conducts himself on the field and the he handles the pressures of playing the position.

"We are extremely proud of his performance. It is one thing to talk about what you would like to do and how thrilled and excited you are but it's another to take that opportunity and extend it and grow it and have it pay big dividends for the team you are playing with."

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