Dunnavant Film Premiers Sunday

One of the best things you could do Sunday in Birmingham is attend the Sidewalk Film Festival at First United Methodist Church (5th Avenue and 19th Street North) and see the premier of Keith Dunnavant's much-acclaimed new film, "Three Days At Foster."

Premiering as part of the Sidewalk Film Festival, "Three Days At Foster" is a feature-length documentary film that focuses on the African-American pioneers who shattered the athletics color barrier at The University of Alabama, forever shadowed by Gov. George Wallace's defiant 1963 stand in the schoolhouse door. Featuring Wilbur Jackson, Dock Rone, Wendell Hudson, Art Dunning, Andrew Pernell, and Danny Treadwell. Written and directed by best-selling sports author Keith Dunnavant.

"'Three Days at Foster' is simply an unforgettable film. Keith Dunnavant has taken one of the seminal moments in the civil rights movement and peeled off a new layer that is both haunting and gut-wrenching..."

---Paul Finebaum, ESPN

"We all remember the searing image of a defiant George Wallace standing in the school house door to block integration at the University of Alabama. In "Three Days At Foster," Keith Dunnavant tells us the rest of the story in stunning detail. It is the little-known back story of how the love of sports--particularly Alabama football--eventually made people of the region put aside their long-held prejudices and accept the inevitable change. It is also a story of courage, determination and, ultimately, redemption. It is an incredible piece of film making."

---Tony Barnhart, CBS Sports

Tickets are limited. For info and to purchase, visit sidewalkfest.com or call 205-332-3715.

Go here to see the official trailer:


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