Ole Miss Fans Don't Seem To Get It

This week we heard one of the more interesting excuses why a football team has lost to Alabama – and there are a handful of them every week, usually regarding things like the Red Elephant Club paying off the officials or the Southeastern Conference offices being in Birmingham or ESPN wanting Bama to win. Almost no one mentions "better players and better coaches," which is the real reason.

Following Alabama's 25-0 win over Ole Miss Saturday, there was the suggestion from some in the Mississippi camp was the reason for Bama's success against the Rebels was that Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban had hired away the recruiting guru, Tyler Siskey, from Ole Miss during the off-season.

People who don't much about football can be excused from thinking that Bama could have put Siskey in the coaches booth and have him call down inside information on Ole Miss between plays. Never mind the logistics of getting that information transferred to the players on the field between the time the Rebels were in formation until the snap of the ball.

It was enough of an issue that Bama Coach Nick Saban addressed it in his Monday press briefing.

Saban said, "He didn't really assist in the game plan, and he wasn't on a headset. He didn't talk to anybody during the game. I don't know if there's any rule that says he can't go into the press box and watch the games. And he wasn't in any different position than he's ever been in a game.

"The benefit that we have was in the off-season when we do studies of opponents and how we would try to defend what they do, was to have somebody on our staff here that understood what the other team was doing, just like Billy Napier was at Colorado State last year so he could tell us -- we already knew because Jim McElwain was here -- but so you can learn some things that maybe you wouldn't be able to pick up in preparation in terms of how you defend and what you try to do by understanding their offense a little bit better.

"If there was an advantage to it, that was it. It was nothing that happened in the game, and it was really nothing that happened in the game plan.

"Tyler does a good job for us in the role that he does here in recruiting. That's a fulltime job for him, and that's what he does a good job at."

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