DePriest Readying For Tough LSU

Alabama Coach Nick Saban recognizes that inexperienced players sometimes have assignment problems. He calls it "going rat-trap." Trey DePriest knows what it is, too – from experience.

Trey DePriest has played a big role for Alabama since arriving at The University for the 2011 season. During that year he was a regular on special teams, where he was very, very good, and a back-up linebacker, where he had a learning experience.

At the end of that first season, the Crimson Tide was in the national championship game against LSU. Alabama was in control, en route to a 21-0 victory, when Tide linebacker C.J. Mosley intercepted a pass, but suffered a dislocated hip when he was tackled.

"I was ready, just in case," DePriest said. "They told me to stay ready. Nobody thought C.J. was going to go out like that. My mindset coming in, when C.J. went down in the Arkansas game, I had to go in and I kind of went rat-trap when I went out there. I told myself the next time I was up that I wasn't going to do that to myself. So I went out there and did what I had to do."

DePriest, a 6-2, 245-pound junior, now plays alongside Mosley. Mosley is at weakside linebacker, DePreist at middle linebacker, the two inside spots in Bama's 3-4 defense. Mosley is Bama's top defender statistically and DePriest is in the top five. He has made 29 tackles this year, including being in on three for lost yardage, and also caused a fumble and recovered a fumble.

DePriest will be back against LSU when the Tide returns to playing a week from Saturday. Bama, ranked first in the nation with an 8-0 record, including 5-0 Southeastern Conference mark, will host the Fighting Tigers at 7 p.m. CDT Nov. 9 at Bryant-Denny Stadium. CBS will televise the game. LSU is 7-2 overall, 3-2 in the conference and ranked 11th.

Both teams have open dates this week. Some teams prefer to have an off week after a tough game. DePriest said, "It really doesn't matter to me. I guess it is better to have it before, just so you can rest up a little bit. But either way."

He said the open date is an opportunity to get some rest and healing, "and focusing on other things that we need to correct just in case they copycat stuff that hurt us in the past; things that other teams did to us."

DePriest is known as a big hitter and had several big hits in Bama's 45-10 win over Tennessee last week. He said that he remembered one in particular when the Vols' quarterback left the pocket. "I was in coverage," DePriest said. "I saw him break contain but I had to stay on my man until he went past the line of scrimmage. When I saw him past the line of scrimmage I saw he kept running, but I was right there and I thought he was going to slide. He just tucked the ball in so I said ‘It's either me or him.' I couldn't go out like that because he's a quarterback. I couldn't get run over.

"You know when it's a big hit too, so it felt good."

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