Day Of Watching College Football

On a normal fall Saturday, I will watch Alabama's football team play a game. I will see television coverage – mostly snippets, almost never as much as an uninterrupted quarter – of another game or two. This weekend, though, the Crimson Tide did not play a game, and with nifty performance on the channel changer, I was witness to the better part of six college football games.

I will say straight away that I did not see a team that I thought could beat Alabama, although I can understand why Florida State faithful took up the previous cry from Oregon fans – "We want Bama!"

I did not watch Ohio State, but the Buckeyes are obviously impressive. I probably dismiss Ohio State as a real contender because I think it would make Urban Meyer ill – again – to have to face a Nick Saban team.

I watched (as no doubt did many of you) significant parts of Mississippi State at South Carolina; Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville; Auburn at Arkansas; Tennessee at Missouri; Miami at Florida State; and UTEP at Texas A&M (until the Aggies got to 50-7 midway through the third quarter).

I found myself almost mesmerized by the amount of information that flows across the bottom of the screen all day. What was that Kentucky-Alabama State score again? How long did it take to play the Oklahoma State-Texas Tech game?

The talkers impressed me not so much. To be sure, Gary Danielson on CBS knows his stuff. I was a little surprised, though, to hear that "Arkansas is not that far away." And not just once. I couldn't help but think that Arkansas is not far away from the worst team one will see this year. (The Razorbacks can say, "Thank goodness for Mississippi State.")

I will admit it is probably hard to keep saying something all through the game without being negative towards anyone. I don't think I'd want the job. My job Saturday was to use the "mute" button for the television and, at my wife's insistence, to keep my own lips zipped. She wasn't interested in my commentary, and she claimed I was scaring the dog.

It was not a surprise that the best team I saw was Florida State. Jameis Winston is an outstanding quarterback, but I'd say not as talented as Johnny Manziel on his best day. Manziel didn't have his best day against UTEP, but still did some spectacular things.

To those who say the Southeastern Conference is overrated, I'd say, "What does your preacher say about the Democratic Party stand on Gay Rights?" That should get the subject changed.

Personally, I think Alabama is ranked about right. I also think LSU may be down a little, but you wouldn't want to play them every week. It has taken me a while to come to grips with it, but I think Missouri is clearly the best team in the SEC Eastern Division, particularly on a day when one could see the supposed Top Three that Alabama was lucky to dodge. Everyone else in the conference looks to have issues. Auburn has an improved record and Tre Mason is a fine runner, but the Tigers defense looks like 2012 Southern Miss, or something. Well, maybe not the fake injury part.

Someone needs to do something about those fake injuries that slow down play, as Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn has pointed out. (I wonder if it will be on the game film sent to future AU opponents?)

One kept waiting for someone, anyone, to make a winning play in the Georgia-Florida game. Instead, it looked like Sumos Gone Wild. Watching South Carolina, it was easy to see why Jadeveon Clowney has fallen off the radar.

Life returns to normal this week, but not until after watching "60 Minutes" on CBS to see what they have to say about the Saban process. Beginning Monday, concentration shifts to the critical game against LSU. The Tide and Tigers kick off at 7 p.m. CST at Bryant-Denny Stadium with television coverage by the same CBS. Channel 42 on my clicker.

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