Richardson impressed at Alabama

Tavin Richardson has football in his blood and pass-catching is the family trade. In between a playoff run for one of the South's most prolific offenses, the junior took a trip to Tuscaloosa for a closer look at America's top program.

College football and catching passes is in Tavin Richardson's blood. With a father who once starred at the positon and a brother currently doing so at East Carolina, hauling in passes is almost second nature to the junior.

But the Dunan (S.C.) Byrnes product may be the most physically gifted and most coveted in the family at 6-foot-4, 210 pounds. He sports a dozen scholarship offers at this point, including several in the SEC and ACC, and most recently took an unofficial visit to another school interested in his services -- Alabama.

The class of 2015 three-star was in Tuscaloosa for the LSU game.

"They're looking at me a little bitm as a wide receiver," he said. "It was my second time there, I was there in the summer for camp, and it was great.

"It was a great atmosphere, too!"

Richardson couldn't isolate one part of the experience as his favorite.

"Pre-game through after the game," he said while laughing.

The pass-catching machine, who plays in one of the more prolific passing attacks at the high school level, did get the chance to speak with his potential position coach at Alabama.

"Coach [Billy] Napier told me to keep doing what I'm doing and we talk about when I came to camp and how I tore it up there at the camp," he said. "And I had my eyes on both teams."

That's because the Tigers are also looking at the specimen, known for going up and snagging the ball at its highest point.

"Well LSU recruiting me too, so I just watched the offense and the wide receivers to see how they lined up, run routes, and how they YAC," Richardson said. "Yards after catch."

Which group impressed more than the other during the 38-17 Tide win?

"Alabama, because it was balanced," he said. "They didn't rush anything, and they knew what plays to run to get the first down and score!

"I was watching Amari Cooper, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham and Kevin Norwood."

Before the game, Richardson got his second look at the campus and upgraded football facilities.

"Seeing the facilities was surprising because I never seen so much rings and national championship trophies," he said. "And the locker room stood out, and how they got a waterfall."

Richardson told that he currently has no favorites at this early stage in his recruitment.

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