Alabama Holds On Atop BCS Poll

Ah, the mysteries of the Bowl Championship Series Standings. There is no surprise at the top, where Alabama continues to be number one. And Florida State is still number two, which are the only spots that will matter, ultimately. The enigma of the BCS computers, though, likely have some scratching their heads.

Alabama is ranked first by the two human polls used in the BCS system, the Harris Interactive and the Coaches Poll conducted by USA Today. Florida State is second in both those polls.

Ohio State, is number three in both polls and number three in the BCS, and also third by the six computers merged to account for one-third of the calculation.

Alabama, Florida State, and Ohio State are the three major teams with 11-0 records.

FSU was number one by the computers with four firsts and two seconds and Bama was number two by the computers, two first and four seconds. (The top ranking and the bottom ranking are thrown out, adding to the question of why they are used at all if they are so unreliable they have to be tweaked.)

Although Clemson, one of six one-loss teams in the top 11 of the BCS rankings, was fourth in both polls, because the computers ranked the Tigers 10th (one computer had Clemson fourth, one had the Tigers 14th), Clemson is sixth in the BCS rankings.

Auburn was fifth in both polls, but ranks fourth in the BCS on the basis of its overall fourth spot by the computers. Missouri was sixth in both polls and is fifth in the BCS because Mizzou is fifth by the computers.

The end of computer participation in college football's national championship race is near, and won't be missed.

Finishing out the top ten in the BCS rankings are 7. Oklahoma State, 8. Stanford, 9. Baylor, and 10. South Carolina.

Among other SEC teams, LSU is 17th and Texas A&M 21st.

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