Thankful for Football

Alabama has 27 total commitments between the class of 2014 and 2015, and more than half chimed in on this holiday to reflect on what they are thankful for on the football side of things...

While Alabama's verbal commitments are looking to fine-tune their skills before getting to Tuscaloosa for years to come, they take the same break we all do today.

'Bama Magazine caught up with over half of he current pledges to ask...

"What are you thankful for with football?"

* Four-star quarterback David Cornwell: "Family, who made this all possible. No one knows without them...something like this wouldn't be possible."

* Five-star offensive lineman Dominick Jackson: "That I'm getting a chance to change mine and my family's life and get my degree from the best D1 college to ever play the game."

* Four-star wide receiver Cameron Sims: "Thankful for everything."

* Four-star defensive back Ronnie Clark: "For God giving me the talent, skills and ability to play the game. Without his covering none of it would be possible!"

* Four-star defensive end Mekhi Brown (2015): "I'm thankful for the opportunity to even play the game. All the blessings that have come to playing this game and just all the attention and lifestyle it brings."

Warmack may be the commitment most familiar with Alabama.

* Three-star offensive lineman Montel McBride: "God, or allowing me to be here, also family, friends, sports and music."

* Four-star offensive lineman Dallas Warmack (2015): "For ‘Bama football, they have treated my family and I wonderfully. The whole football staff and Coach [Nick] Saban!"

* Four-star center J.C. Hassenauer: "I'm thankful for my family and friends and this amazing opportunity I have in 182 days (the day he arrives on campus)!"

* Three-star linebacker Shaun Hamilton: "Football, it's a place that makes me forget about what's going on in my life."

* Three-star defensive tackle O.J Smith: "I'm thankful for everything God has given me, the ability to play and do the things I can do on and off the field."

* Three-star linebacker Keith Holcombe: "I'm thankful that I just get to play the great game."

* Four-star defensive back Deionte Thompson (2015): "I'm thankful for the talent that God has given me to play football at the next level."

* Five-star quarterback Ricky Town (2015): "I'm thankful for my supporting family."

* Four-star offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher: "I'm thankful for the opportunity to go play for the Tide on the biggest stage and in front of the best fans."

* Three-star punter J.K. Scott: "I am just thankful for being blessed with the opportunity to work hard at what I love to do. For getting the chance to improve every day and try and be the best I can be. Always remembering not to take anything for granted and to stay humble. I'm thankful for my family as well, couldn't task for better people to be around.

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