Tide Fans Have Much To Appreciate

In his annual Thanksgiving greeting this week, Alabama Coach Nick Saban said something that struck a chord with me.

"I know that the tendency is to think about what you don't have," said the Alabama coach, "but I think the great thing about Thanksgiving is we all should think about what we have, and what we should be thankful for. Health and happiness is quite enough."

Nick Saban also said, "I'd like to wish everybody out there a happy Thanksgiving. This is a time that we all should give thanks for the special people in our life, the special relationships that we have, the special place we have in our heart for fond memories and great experiences and for all the things that we have."

I certainly join with Saban in wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and I hope that all do have health and happiness. Happiness to many of us means family and friends, and hopefully you are blessed with them.

This is our first Thanksgiving without our mother. I also think of the architect of so much we are grateful for, the late Mal Moore. Therefore, I amend the thanks for what we have to include what we have had -- family and friends no longer with us, but who provided love and comfort and now endure in memories.

Owing to what I believe was a misrepresentation and/or a misinterpretation of of Miss Terry's comments regarding appreciation, I join with the legions in assuring the Sabans of our appreciation for what they have done in so many areas. Obviously, Nick Saban has provided us with historic college football greatness as his Crimson Tide works towards a third consecutive national championship. More than that, the Sabans have been wonderful, generous citizens of Tuscaloosa, particularly in its time of greatest need following the 2011 tornado.

As we approach the very important football game against Auburn Saturday, we can take a moment to be grateful for the players and coaches in all sports at Alabama. Not only does the Crimson Tide achieve in the arena, but as students and as men and women of outstanding character.

We can be thankful that The University does it the right way.

Alabama ranks high in athletics and high in graduation rate, true student-athletes who represent well for all of us who hold The Capstone dear.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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