Which one will it be?

Tide coach Dennis Franchione has made it clear he's not planning to tell anyone about his choice as No. 1 quarterback. But that hasn't stopped people from asking about Andrew Zow and Tyler Watts. <p>Again. And again. And again.

Franchione has steadfastly avoided dropping any hints about the starter.

Oh, he's talked about the need for one of the players to step up and claim the job. And he answers questions about how one or the other did on a given day. But on the larger subject of who will start versus the Bruins, the Tide coach remains mum.

Of course, if either Zow or Watts has stepped up to earn the job, the media contingent probably wouldn't hear about it from Coach Fran.

"I've got nothing against you guys. I just don't want to tell UCLA," Franchione said.

But reporters covering the Tide are getting a little wiser--they're finding different ways to phrase the question.

One reporter began by acknowledging that Franchione was unlikely to tell the media about depth chart movement. But, the reporter asked, let's say there's this hypothetical player that just happens to play quarterback. What if this mythical player "futilely hoped" to climb the depth chart?

Would Monday's scrimmage be his last best chance?

"It wouldn't be his last," Franchione replied. "It might be one of his best, but it wouldn't be his last."

Thanks, Coach.

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