Kouandjio Has Plans For Pro Ball

One couldn't help but appreciate the irony. At Alabama Pro Day, which is for the benefit of the NFL and for the players hoping to be drafted, Alabama Coach Nick Saban took time to address reporters who cover Alabama. He was asked about a report that surfaced last week alledging Cyrus Kouandjio had failed his medical test because of a knee that had been operated on several years ago.

As is his wont, Saban tore into the Alabama beat reporters. "First of all," he said, "I don't think any medical information about a player should leak out. And I think you all need to be responsible to be sure you've got the right information, because a lot of the information you got is not correct. So that's not good for the player and it's not good journalism on your part. So I think everyone needs to understand that. And the teams we talked to, I can't find anybody that failed the guy on a physical. If you don't understand how people grade players in terms of NFL medical grades, it's not pass-fail. There are usually five categories that a guy falls in, and if you don't understand it you shouldn't be writing about it, because he didn't really fail."

Later, Cyrus Kouandjio met with the reporters. It seems the rumor of his injury came from the NFL Network, which presumably knows how the NFL grades injuries.

when Kouandjio first heard the rumor, he thought it was a joke.

"After the combine that night my agent called me and said, ‘Hey, is there something wrong with your knee?' I was completely confused. I said, ‘No, there's nothing wrong with my knee.' I thought he was joking. But he kept asking. I was surprised. I was like, ‘There's nothing wrong with my knee. Is there a rumor out there?' And he said, ‘Yeah, a couple of media things came out that there was something wrong with your knee.' It was interesting, but I never worried about it because I know and the film will tell you there's nothing wrong with my knee."

Kouandjio didn't let the false rumor bother him. "I'm not the type of guy to get frustrated over matters that are out of my control," he said. "All of these coaches know that there's nothing wrong with my knee. I played two years. The fourth month after my knee surgery I was out there playing until now. I didn't miss a practice. I haven't missed a game because of my knee. All the guys out here, all the coaches know that. It didn't bother me one bit."

He said his agent told him no teams failed him medically, even though the rumor had it that six teams had failed him, he said.

Kouandjio was a two-year starter at left tackle for Alabama. The Hyattsville, Md., native played his last game for Bama in the Sugar Bowl, then announced he would pass up his final year with the Crimson Tide to enter the draft.

Although Kouandjio seemed to have a poor game in his final Alabama appearance, and even though he reportedly did not fare well at the NFL combine, he said that he considers himself to be the best offensive tackle in the draft.

He said he lost 11 pounds after working out at the NFL combine. He's now 6-7, 311 he said.

In Alabama's Pro Day he passed on all the timed workouts. He said, "My plan for this pro day, I would do field work and let these coaches know how good of an athlete I am on the field, my foot work, how great I am on the field. And then on (April 8) I'll go into track stuff and tell them how good of a track athlete I am. My goal is to show a dramatic increase from the last time I was timed, and show a lot of increase."

Kouandjio said he has personal goals that include being "known as an offensive tackle in the league that you can stick him there on the left side and he'll block the guy no matter who he is and no matter what week it is and the quarterback never has to worry about that side. That's my goal."

He also said, "My goal is to find one team out there that understands my potential and understands my skill set and takes advantage of that."

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