Welcome To The New BamaMag.com

BamaMag.com/Scout.com has a new look, with better technology to come, and it's still the same great place for Alabama athletics and recruiting coverage!

We were pleased when the original Scout management regained ownership from FoxSports because we felt that the Scout team – which built the original Rivals and then the Insiders, which morphed into Scout – is all about what we do. It was nothing against FoxSports, which gave us some insight as we move forward. Scout, though, is singlemindedly-dedicated to quality reporting of what you are interested in.

The new Scout team, which includes engineering veterans of this enormous network, promised to double up and catch up in the technology of the business while not sacrificing our main of objective of accurate reporting. In the case of what our Alabama community expects, that is coverage of recruiting new Crimson Tiders, covering those athletes while they are at Bama, and as has been brought home over the past week or two, keeping up with them as they move on.

Beginning today at BamaMag.com we are doing that with a fresh new look – appropriately known as a "Refresh."

This is one of many upgrades that will be coming to you from Scout. You will notice that not only are the stories and player profiles easier to read on your computer, but going forward will be on your mobile devices. In the coming weeks, the BamaMag.com message boards will also get a refresh, allowing users easier access to the forums from their tablets and smart phones.

Our job here is coverage of all things Alabama with emphasis on football and football recruiting. That isn't going to change.

We also take very seriously our role in the network, particularly in cooperating with our fellow Southeastern Conference publishers so that you have a comprehensive view of the college sports world.

To that end we are part of the largest team of college athletics reporters and editors.

And Scout doesn't stop there. We hope in addition to becoming familiar with the refresh here that you will take time to learn about other areas of Scout coverage that may interest you. Obviously, there is coverage of all relevant college sites, along with Major League Baseball and the NFL. But you can also find Scout sites on outdoor adventures in hunting and fishing. Need tips on carpentry? Look around and you'll find it. There are Navy SEALs testing outdoor gear and there are college professors dispensing information on a variety of subjects.

Our hope is that you enjoy the refresh and our pledge is that we will continue to provide the Crimson Tide coverage you want and deserve.

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