Agim earns ‘exciting' offer

Not only was it his first impression of Alabama, but it was McTelvin Agim's first impression of Nick Saban over two days of camp. It proved good for both sides, as the class of 2016 prospect earned an offer from the Crimson Tide and spoke to Saban before heading home. He tells the latest.

It was the "usual" camp scene for class of 2016 defensive line prospect McTelvin Agim on Sunday and Monday, dealing with the heat and workload that an SEC camp entails while at Alabama.

Then, just before heading back west to Arkansas, after a campus tour, drills, measurements, one-on-ones and the like, Nick Saban met with the defensive end projection before he left Tuscaloosa. "15 minutes ago I talked to Coach Saban," he said. "I went in the room to talk to him and he was really down the earth. He said I have an offer, but not to worry about it right now. He said they're going to invite me to all the games, junior days and all of that and to stay focused on high school right now.

"It was exciting, I feel like I worked for it. I really can't put it into words right now."

Agim, a 6-foot-3, 256-pound rising junior from Hope (Ark.) High School, has caught the attention of several programs to this point –- but the Alama offer was earned on the field.

"He (Saban) told me he really likes my athleticism, he really liked it about me, especially for a D-lineman," he said. "I did pretty good in one-on-ones and things like that."

In-state Arkansas, Arkansas State, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ole Miss and Baylor were already on the offer list before the Crimson Tide entered today.

However, he admitted that this one felt a bit different to get.

"Yea, ‘Bama won three championships in the last five years," Agim said. "It felt different, a lot. All of them feel different, but I just get more excited every time."

Sunday and Monday weren't all about football and on-field efforts, however, as the 2016 standout was able to see the campus and perhaps where he may be taking classes one day as well.

He even spent time with current players to see what it's like to play at the school.

"The facility was nice, I know they have one of the biggest weight rooms in the country," he said. "I talked to the academic advisor, I know what it would take to get into Alabama and the plans they'll have me on and things like that. They have my major, too, which is petroleum engineering.

"The players are real, real cool, too. We hung out with them last night. Like (2014 five-star signee) Da'Shawn Hand and (tight end) O.J. Howard, they're all nice people. We just chilled most of the day."

With the first impression seemingly a good one for both parties, Agim is in no rush to take the next step with UA or any school on his list for that matter.

Even if every offer he wants comes in, he's likely a year away from attacking the recruiting process full-on.

"I'm not trying to think about it right now," he said of it. "I'm trying to wait it out and think about it more after my junior year.


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