Things Are Right With SEC Football Again

The more things change, the more they remain the same. A year ago there was an easy-to-win bar bet. Which Southeastern Conference football team had the best all-time winning percentage? If you said Alabama you would be right in most of the 81 years of SEC play, but you would have been wrong last year.

Alabama, of course, has dominated the SEC in football since the founding of the conference in 1933, when Bama won the first of its 23 SEC championships. But following the 2012 season – when Alabama went 7-1 in the SEC and 13-1 overall and won both the league and national championships – the Crimson Tide fell to second al-time in SEC winning percentage.

That was because one of the new teams in the league, Texas A&M, had a first year conference record of 6-2, which was a .750 winning percentage.

Alabama, however, regained the top spot in the all-time league standings going into this season after the Crimson Tide had another 7-1 SEC record while Texas A&M was 4-4 last fall.

The official Alabama record in 80 years of SEC play is 383-165-20, a winning percentage of .692.

The Tide's actual on-the-field record in SEC games is better than that. Unusual NCAA penalties against Bama resulted in five SEC victories and one tie being forfeited and 12 SEC victories being vacated. Alabama's on-the-field record in conference games is 400-159-21, which is a winning percentage of .708.

Tennessee, the longtime runner-up to Alabama in almost all SEC football records including championships (13), victories, winning percentage, bowl games, etc., is in that second spot this year despite a 2-6 record last season. The Vols are at 322-187-19 for .628. A&M is third, Georgia fourth. The Bulldogs are also above the 60 per cent winning mark with a 315-201-14 record and .608.

LSU, Florida, and Missouri make up the rest of the top half of the all-time SEC standings. Missouri made a big jump. After going 2-6 in the first year in the conference, the Tigers went 7-1 in their second season in the league.

Georgia and LSU join Alabama and Tennessee in double digit SEC championships. The Bulldogs have 12 and LSU 11.

Auburn heads up the bottom half of the conference with an all-time SEC record of 298-232-18 for .560. The final six teams in the all-time standings are all below .500 in winning. They are Ole Miss, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt.

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