Tide Out In Full Gear For Tuesday Practice

Alabama’s fifth day of fall camp Tuesday was the Crimson Tide’s first in full gear. That, however, was not a big difference from the way Bama practices in shells (helmets and shoulder pads). There is a difference, though, in what the Tide will be doing beginning Wednesday.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban said that the routine in the first five days was “heavy install.” In the past he has described it as throwing a lot at the players, particularly newcomers, and seeing what sticks. Then going back over it.

Alabama had been in helmets for two days, then helmets and shoulder pads for two days before going into full gear Tuesday. Saban said, “There’s really not a whole lot of difference in terms of how we practice in shells and pads because we really don’t tackle people to the ground and we try to stay off the ground for player safety purposes.”

He said the first five days were “very difficult in terms of the amount of things we throw at the players. [Wednesday] we go back and start all over a little bit and give a player a chance to learn it all from the beginning again, do less, emphasize fundamentals, and those types of things a little bit more because we’ll have pads on and some of the things, whether it’s block protection or how to block, regardless of your position, whether it’s wide receiver or center, there’s fundamental ways we need to improve the things we do.

“We kind of go back and lighten up on the installation and heavy up on the fundamentals of how we do what we do. Players have to know what to do, but they also have to know how to do it. Hopefully at some point in time they know why it’s important to do it that way. “

Saban said there were no injuries of significance to report on. “We have guys that are nicked up a little bit,” he said.

Alabama is working towards its first game on Aug. 30 against West Virginia in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

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