Saban Says This Is Important Week

What week is it? Huh, what week is it? It’s Hump Week! At least that’s what it is as the Alabama football team has reached the mid-point of fall camp. And he also said the Crimson Tide needs to improve its “consistency in performance.”

“This is always a tough week,” Alabama Coach Nick Saban said Tuesday after the Crimson Tide’s 14th workout of fall camp. That’s the midway point of practice as Bama prepares to meet West Virginia on Aug. 30 in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. “The first week, people are always excited to start football, first scrimmage and all that. Then you kind of have this week, which is really kind of hump week, have another scrimmage, get a couple of days off, then you start school (Aug. 20),and then we're practicing once a day.

“And then the game's coming.

“It's really important that we get a lot of things covered this week, that we improve a lot this week. Everybody's focus has got to be on that. We try to cover a lot of situations this week in practice. We have a lot of installation in, so we're really trying to cover situations that occur in games, whether it's two-minute, two-minute before the half, get the ball back at the end of the game, whatever it might be, so that when those situations come up we're ready for them. We're also taking a look at a lot of situations that other teams present for us, whether it's on their offense or their defense or whatever, trying to expose our players to some of the fundamental things that we don't see every day from our own team.”

Wednesday will mark the fourth and final two-a-day of fall camp with the second and final scrimmage Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Alabama had its first scrimmage last Saturday. Saban said after looking at the videotape of that he saw “inconsistency in performance.

“There were a lot of good things, but it wasn’t all the time. And consistency in performance defines success, so that’s what we strive for.

“You want everybody to make a commitment every play, every day, to do the best that he can do.

“One year from now, you wish you started today.

“Seventeen days from now, you’re going to wish you started today.”

He said he wasn’t looking for players who are content. “We want competitive people who want to compete everyday, playmakers who want to make plays and be somebody of significance on the team. We want leaders to lead every day, to set a good example and affect people in a positive way so that we can grow together as a group.”

Saban noted that nose tackle Brandon Ivory and defensive end Jarran Reed, who had been suspended for 10 days, had completed their four days of acclimation and were back in pads. He said offensive lineman Leon Brown, who has not practiced while rehabilitating a foot injury, is in his acclimation period.

He said that offensive lineman Dominick Jackson (ankle) and defensive lineman A'Shawn Robinson (knee), both injured last week, would “probably be out for at least this week.”

He said, “(Safety) Geno Smith is doing a little bit, very limited, and so is (tight end) Brian Vogler but everybody else is going and those guys are going to be doing more and more each day. We should be good with those guys by the end of the week.”

Saban said that Ivory and Reed “are on the third team, so they’ve got to work their way up. I don't think it's real fair to the guys that have been out there for 14 days practicing on the first and second team. They've got to beat them out. They're not entitled to anything. They're working hard. They're doing a good job. They're getting plenty of work, so they certainly have to improve as football players. But from a behavioral standpoint they have done a really good job and I'm pleased with them.”

Saban also said Dakota Ball has moved from defensive end to tight end, where Ball played in high school, “and he’s done a really good job in this camp.”

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