What Former Tiders Make This NFL List?

A part of my daily regimen is slumming around various Scout.com sites to both keep my finger on the pulse of college football as it concerns Alabama and also to look for good story ideas. I check all of the Southeastern Conference Western Division sites, plus the East sites of teams we play, and selected national sites.

I usually get distracted at all the Alabama – they call them bammer or worse – topics on the Auburn site, but today there was an interesting topic on a message board. As it turned out, it had been stolen from a radio station, 680 The Fan.

The premise was to name the top football alumni of a college who had been most productive offensively in the NFL.

The selections are:

One quarterback

Two running backs

Two wide receivers

One tight end

College performance has nothing to do with the selections.

It was amusing to see the Auburn poster have as his quarterback “Cam Netwon.” Netwon?

There were some very good ones.

For instance, Miami had quarterback Jim Kelly, running backs Frank Gore and either Chuck Foreman or Ottis Anderson, wide receivers Andre Johnson and Michael Irvin, and tight end either Jimmy Graham or Kevin Winslow.

Pittsburgh had quarterback Dan Marino, running backs Curtis Martin and Tony Dorsett, wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Bryant, and tight end Mike Ditka.

Syracuse -- QB Donovan McNabb; RBs Jim Brown and Larry Csonka or Floyd Little; TE John Mackey; WRs Art Monk and Marvin Harrison.

No one had picked an Alabama group. I’m likely to be weak on this since I don’t really follow pro football, but I gave it a little thought.

Quarterback: Bart Starr, winner of the first two Super Bowls (before they were called Super Bowl games), over Joe Namath and Ken Stabler, and I would be satisfied with any of those choices.

Running backs: Shaun Alexander and Wilbur Jackson

Wide receivers: Don Hutson and Julio Jones

Tight end: Ozzie Newsome

Starr, Namath, Hutson, and Newsome are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Go to the message boards and give us your picks for Alabama and/or an NFL alumni group from another college team.

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