In Depth On New Tide Basketball Commit

Alabama basketball picked up a 2015 prospect this week when it was announced that Dazon Ingram of Theodore High School in Mobile County had committed to Coach Anthony Grant’s Crimson Tide.

Dazon Ingram is a 6-4 point guard. Last year Theodore was 25-4 and reached the finals of the 6A South Region. As a junior he averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists per game and was selected Mobile Press-Register Player of the Year and first team all-state. As a sophomore he averaged 13 points and seven rebounds per game.

’BAMA Magazine/ spoke with Theodore Coach Philip Roebling about the young man who will be joining the Alabama basketball program.

Scouting report by Coach Roebling - Offensively

“I play him at the point. He is about 6-5 and left-handed. He has as good a court-vision as I’ve ever seen as far as a player. He is very, very unselfish. He finishes at the rim tremendously well. He also makes great decisions with the ball. We run a lot because of him. If someone is open ahead of him or someone is open with an easier shot he’s going to get them the ball. He handles the ball very well. His outside shot has improved. It is not at an elite level but when he was playing for me two years ago he didn’t hit the outside shot very well at all but he has worked extremely hard to get better. It’s becoming more consistent even from the three-point line. He is the best player I have ever coached in my 29 years. He is a great rebounder, offensive and defensive rebounder. I’d say that is what he does best. He does everything so well. He led us in every category – scoring, rebounding, steals, blocked shots and assists. He is just a phenomenal player. He passes the ball well, sees the floor well. He just does everything well. If I had to say his weakness, it would be the outside shot but even that is improving now where it’s not a weakness. He is a three-year starter.”

Scouting report by Coach Roebling – Defensively –

“He is a very good on-the-ball defender because he is so long. He gets his hands on so many balls, deflections, steals. He gets up in the passing lanes. He is able to do that very well. He’s improving as an off-the-ball defender as far as being in the right position and place. He is a very good defender. I personally think he can be a lot better defender if he really makes up his mind to do that. There are times where he might be a little lazy on defense and gamble too much and try to get the steal. When he is on you, he is solid. He is just so long. He makes it hard to pass the ball. He gets his hands on a lot of balls. He is a very good defender. He has been in the weight room and gotten a lot stronger. He has worked hard in the weight room.”

More comments from Coach Philip Roebling:

“He reminds me a little of Mikhail Torrance of Alabama. Matter of fact, I know he is better than Mikhail Torrance. He is a better shooter. They have the same body types. Dazon makes everyone around him a better player. He is such a great playmaker. If he comes down and penetrates and someone is open, he is going to get them the ball at the right time. Not only is he good, he makes everyone around him better because he just got great vision and makes great passes at the right time. He is really a special player.”


“He scored a 21 on the ACT and is already qualified. I think he has a 3.1 GPA.”

Personality on-and-off the court

“He is very quiet. He does not say a whole lot. He is trying to be a little more vocal on-the-court. We have asked him to be a leader for our team but that is really not his nature. He is quiet on-and-off the court. He just wants to play ball and be in the gym. He likes to laugh and play a little bit but he is a pretty quiet kid.”

Visited officially

Alabama, UAB, Wichita State and Houston

“His top three were Alabama, UAB and Wichita State – not in any order. Those were the three schools that recruited him the hardest.”

Alabama Coach Anthony Grant’s plans for Dazon Ingram:

“He called him a combo guard. He will play him at the point and also thought he could be a two-guard. He would not mind playing Dazon at the two-guard position together along with Justin Coleman. Anthony Grant likes his rebounding ability as a guard and then his ability to push the ball ahead up the floor. That’s what he does so well because when he defensive rebounds, there is no outlet. He is gone with the ball up the court. He pushes it down the court and finishes well with decisions. I don’t think he is locked in to exclusively playing just the point guard position. Anthony Grant did mention he would play him at the point guard or two-guard position. The Alabama staff really likes him defensively because they think he has really just scratched the surface. They think he can really be a good defender which I agree with them.”

What should people know about Dazon Ingram?

“I would like for them to know he is an unselfish player on the offensive end. He is a team player first. If someone has a better shot than him, they are going to get the ball. He is about winning. He is not about stats. I think he shows that by his unselfishness. He is very talented. Personally, I think he is the best player in the state. He averaged 20 ppg and 10 rpg for us last year. He is a good young man and he loves ball. I would just like you to know he has worked extremely hard to get where he is at. When he left for the summer between his sophomore and junior year, he was a good player but he wasn’t anywhere near where he is now. He played a lot of travel ball with his AAU team. He worked out a lot on his own. When he came back as a junior he was so much better. He did the same thing last summer. I want people to know he is really dedicated and a hard worker. I think that shows why his game is so good because he has worked extremely hard. He’s put in a lot of time on his game.”


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