Sometimes Perfect Picks Really Are Not Close

Sometimes the Almost Perfect Picks panel gets it right, and yet oh-so-wrong. For instance, last week the prediction of a Missouri win over Vanderbilt was correct, but the predicted score was 42-6 and the Columbia Tigers were able to beat the Commodores by only 24-14.

Even the Alabama game was off the mark. The Crimson Tide was picked to win by 42-10, but managed only a 34-20 decision over Tennessee.

Still, it was a pretty good week. The APP had all six games involving Southeastern Conference teams with the correct winner. That included one upset – LSU over Ole Miss – and not falling into the trap of expecting a team like Kentucky to upset Mississippi State.

The APP also included that rarity, hitting the winner and the score right on the money. The APP acknowledges that it is blind luck when that happens, but it happened last week with Arkansas defeating UAB by the exact predicted score of 45-17.

The six correct picks made the season record 63-12, but that’s the easy part. In gambling statistics – against the line and guessing the over-under – the APP is only 66-47. It was 4-6 on the same week that all winning teams were predicted.

It will be difficult this week. Not because there aren’t some easy games (almost all look easy when they’re picked), but because it’s hard to get one’s mind into football when the Crimson Tide has an open date. Nevertheless, after a little further study we’ll be making our selections.


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