We Suggest It Depends On What You See

If the Almost Perfect Picks panel had just listened to itself, it could have done a little bit better than it did last week. The straight up predictions were pretty good, just one miss that no one would have gotten right. But we hope you weren’t using us in Las Vegas.

Last week we had a story with the headline, “Alabama-LSU Looks Like Low-Scoring Affair.” Why, then, you might ask, did the APP panel pick Alabama to win by 31-17? Is that the new “low scoring”?

So the APP got the right winner and the margin was good enough that Alabama was the correct pick against the point spread. But the over-under from Bama’s 20-13 overtime win over LSU was well under and the 31-17 pick was over.

Thus, in that game the APP was correct on the winner, correct on the margin, and incorrect on the over-under.

There was only one miss on the straight up predictions, and this was one of those that no one saw coming. Texas A&M (that team Alabama beat 59-0 a few weeks ago) 41, Auburn 38. The APP panel missed the winner (and, of course, the margin) and even the over-under, even though the prediction of Auburn 49, A&M 17 was pretty high.

The best pick was Ole Miss 49, Presbyterian 0. Actual score, 48-0. There was, of course, no Las Vegas line on this game or on Mississippi State’s game against UT-Martin.

To get to the bottom line, the APP was 5-1 on picking winners, but only 2-6 in gambling situations. Again, kids, we urge you to not use the APP picks in search of ill-gotten gains.

For the year, the APP is 73-15 on predictions of Southeastern Conference games, but only 76-59 in wagering opportunities.

The APP panel will give it its best effort this week with predictions coming in a few days.

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