Tide Up To Second In Irrelevant Polls

After beating the nation’s number one team, Mississippi State, Alabama has moved up to second in both the Associated Press poll of sportwriters and broadcasters and the Coaches Poll conducted by USA Today.

Alabama was second to Florida State in both rankings. The AP and Coaches polls were identical in the first eight spots, and also had all 25 of the same teams, though in different order, in their top 25 rankings.

General consensus is that both the AP and Coaches polls are irrelevant with the advent of the College Football Playoff and its selection committee. Although the CFP has been reasonably close to the AP and Coaches polls, they have been different enough to show that the 12-person selection committee has different ideas about college football than the men and women who cover it daily and the college head coaches.

The CFP poll for this week will be revealed Tuesday night.

Alabama moved up one spot in the Coaches Poll and two places in the AP rankings.

FSU returned to the top spot after Bama defeated Mississippi State, which fell to fourth in both polls. Oregon is third in both.

Florida State had 43 first place votes, Alabama 16, and Oregon 1 in the AP top 25. The Coaches gave 39 votes to the Seminoles, 17 to the Crimson Tide, and 6 to the Ducks.

Florida State is the nation’s lone undefeated team from the Power 5.

In the 5-8 spots in both polls were TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, and Ole Miss. The AP poll had Georgia ninth and Michigan State 10th. The Coaches Poll had it 9. Michigan State and 10. Georgia.

Also in the top 25 from the Southeastern Conference are Auburn at 17 in the Coaches Poll and 16th in the AP and Missouri 20th in the Coaches and 19th in the AP. LSU, Texas A&M, and Arkansas are receiving votes in both polls.

The Coaches Poll closed out with 11. Kansas State, 12. UCLA, 13. Arizona, 14. Arizona State, 15. Wisconsin, 16. Georgia Tech, 17. Auburn, 18. Marshall, 19. Nebraska, 20. Missouri, 21. Utah, 22. Oklahoma, 23. Colorado State, 24. USC, and 25. Duke.

The final 15 in the AP top 25 were 11. UCLA, 12. Kansas State, 13. Arizona State, 14. Wisconsin, 15. Arizona, 16. Auburn, 17. Georgia Tech, 18. Marshall, 19. Missouri, 20. Utah, 21. Nebraska, 22. Colorado State, 23. Oklahoma, 24. USC, and 25. Duke.

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