It Was Tough Picking Last Saturday

One would think after over two months of practice that results would improve. Not necessarily. For instance, in the last two weeks Auburn’s football team has fallen from third in the nation to fourth in the Southeastern Conference Western Division.

The Almost Perfect Picks panel is more likely to attach itself to the fortunes of Alabama football, and that has been going along pretty well. Others, though...

Well, suffice it to say that the APP had a rough weekend. True, the prediction was correct in getting Bama’s 25-20 win over Mississippi State. For the six SEC games, though, the record was a disappointing 3-3.

That was the worst performance of the year, and dropped the season record just in picking the winner to 76-18.

Correct picks in addition to the Crimson Tide were Georgia over Auburn and Tennessee over Kentucky. We missed the South Carolina win over Florida (though not with as severe consequence as that suffered by Will Muschamp), Missouri beating Texas A&M, and – remember, we wanted to pick Arkansas, but just couldn’t – the Razorbacks defeating LSU.

Surprisingly, despite being only 3-3 straight up, in gambling opportunities – against the spread and the over/under – the APP was 8-4, improving the record in those categories to 84-63. Still, think about that 3-3 and how bad the rest could have been. You’d be better off putting your money in a jar and burying it in your backyard, or even someone else’s backyard, than betting on college football.

We’ll have new picks in a couple of days, and looking ahead it seems very, very likely that the record will improve. Only two of the eight games involving SEC teams this weekend appear to be interesting.


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