Alabama Up To First In Coaches Poll

It looks like the sportswriters and broadcasters are more traditional and the coaches more “eye test” when it comes to the weekly college football polls. Both, though, have the same top four teams, which is what counts in this inaugural season of the College Football Playoff.

Alabama is number one in the Coaches Poll conducted by USA Today by just 12 points over Florida State. The Seminoles are number one in the Associated Press Poll of sportswriters and broadcasters by just 13 points over the Crimson Tide.

The journalists give credit to the Seminoles for winning all 11 of their games. The coaches must like the schedule played by Bama. Another hint as to the way the two groups vote is at number five and number six. The AP poll has Baylor fifth and TCU sixth, almost certainly because Baylor defenated TCU. The coaches think TCU is the better team and have the Horn Frogs fifth, Baylor sixth.

In between 1-2 and 5-6, the polls agree that Oregon is number three and Mississippi State number four.

The AP and Coaches polls are for entertainment purposes only. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will present its version of the top 25 Tuesday evening.

Last week Alabama was second in both polls, but first in the poll of the CFP Selection Committee.

Florida State hs more first place votes in both polls. In the Coaches Poll, Bama has 25 firsts to FSU’s 30 (and Oregon has 6 first place votes), but Bama has 1,474 points to Florida State’s 1,462. In the AP poll, the Seminoles have 37 firsts and 1,458 points to the Tide’s 21 firsts and 1,445 points. The Ducks got two firsts.

This week’s Alabama opponent, Auburn, is 15th in the AP poll and 16th in the Coaches.

The Tide (10-1 overall and 6-1 in Southeastern Conference games) will host the Tigers (8-3, 4-3) at 6:45 p.m. CST Saturday in Bryant-Denny Stadium. ESPN will televise the game.

In addition to Alabama, Mississippi State, and Auburn, the SEC has Georgia (eighth in AP, ninth Coaches), Missouri (17th in both), and Ole Miss (18th in AP, 19th in Coaches) in the top 25. Arkansas, LSU, and Texas A&M are all receiving votes.

After the top six, the AP rounds out its top 10 with Ohio State, Georgia, UCLA, and Michigan State. The Coaches have the same teams, but rank them Ohio State, Michigan State, Georgia, and UCLA. The next four are the same in both polls, 11. Kansas State, 12. Arizona, 13. Arizona State, 14. Wisconsin. Auburn and Georgia Tech have the next two spots, Auburn 15th by the AP, Tech by the Coaches. Missouri is 17th in both polls.

The Coaches finish up with 18. Oklahoma, 19. Ole Miss, 20. Marshall, 21. Colorado State, 22. Minnesota, 23. Louisville, 24. Clemson, and 25. Boise State. The AP has it 18. Ole Miss, 19. Marshall, 20. Oklahoma, 21. Colorado State, 22. Minnesota, 23. Clemson, 24. Louisville, and 25. Boise State.

Late losses hurt. Teams that dropped out of the top 25 in both polls from last week were USC, Nebraska, Duke, and Utah.

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