Almost Perfect Picks Had Mixed Success

As predicted, the Almost Perfect Picks panel had it pretty easy last week insofar as selecting Southeastern Conference winners. It was – and no one should be proud of this – another cupcake week for most SEC teams.

Who would not have missed the likes of Alabama hosting Western Carolina? That was one of seven games the APP picked correctly among the eight games on last week’s SEC schedule.

The APP correctly predicted the upset of Arkansas over Ole Miss (though not by the 30-0 margin by which the Razorbacks won), but APP failed to give enough respect to Missouri as the Tigers were winners at Tennessee. The only real concern in most of last week’s picks was how early back-up players might get into the games.

The games were so bad last week that only four of them were recognized in Las Vegas as real games. The APP panel was okay against the spread, 3-1, but had a bad day figuring the over-under, only 1-3, which worked out to only 4-4 in gambling opportunities.

For the year, the APP improved to 83-19 just in picking winners, but the predictions against the spread and the over-under is only 88-67.

We would be amiss, however, in not congratulating the APP panel on its correct prediction that Alabama punter JK Scott would not have a punting opportunity against Western Carolina.

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