More Validation Of Tide Football Domination

How many victories did Alabama hope for in 2014? The answer, of course, is 15. That was the most that could be played and won with an undefeated national championship season. It didn’t happen.

But by winning the Southeastern Conference championship (Alabama’s record 24th) and earning its way into the inaugural College Football Playoff, the Crimson Tide played in its national record 63rd bowl game and natironal record 15th Sugar Bowl.

And along the way, Bama moved up in some other records.

The College Football Data Warehouse keeps numerous records on the sport, including “Most Win Seasons.”

A benchmark for a college football team is winning 10 games in a season. Under Coach Nick Saban, Alabama has now had seven consecutive seasons of 10 or more victories.

The result is that Bama now has 34 seasons of 10 ore more victories, and no team has more. Prior to the 2014 season, Oklahoma had won more 10-win season, but the Sooners fell short of the 10-win mark and now the teams are tied for that mark.

There are a handful of teams that are (or were) mid-majors in the top ten of teams with 10-win seasons – Mount Union from Ohio, Boise State, North Dakota State, Pittsburg State of Kansas – but the top ten of major college teams with 10-win seasons sums up the uppercrust of college football.

After Alabama and Oklahoma at 34 are Nebraska with 28, Michigan 26, USC 25, Texas 23, Florida State 22, Ohio State 22, Georgia 21, and Tennessee 20.

The aforementioned Mount Union has 24 seasons with 11 wins, which is number one. Among major college teams, Oklahoma leads with 20 and Bama is second with 18, FSU third with 14.

Get to 12-win seasons, and the top ten is all the mid-majors (led by Mount Union with 22). Incidentally, these teams have the advantage of having had a playoff for a number of years, and thus more games per season.

Among the majors, there is a familiar name with the most 12-win season. Alabama has eight. Nebraska has seven, Oklahoma six, and with five each are Florida, FSU, and Ohio State.

Alabama, Florida, and Nebraska make up the major college leaders with 13-win seasons, three each. (Mount Union has 18.)

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