Tyren Jones Dismissed As Nightmare Continues

When Tyren Jones was given an “indefinite suspension” from the Alabama football program at the beginning of the spring semester, the writing was on the wall. In the Nick Saban era, an indefinite suspension has become a definite dismissal.

In what has been a nightmare few days for Alabama football, Tyren Jones became the third player associated with the Crimson Tide program arrested. He was a passenger in a car that was stopped for speeding and ended up in arrests for marijuana possession. Jones was reported to have had “a small amount of marijuana in his back pocket,” but there were other drugs in the car.

Jones made a bond of $1,000 and was released without being jailed. He was, however, dismissed from the football team.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban said in a release, “Tyren Jones was indefinitely suspended from the football program early in the semester. He was given an opportunity academically and from a team rules standpoint, but he failed to do any of the things necessary to comply with the rules of the Alabama football program. He was dismissed from the team when he refused to follow the parameters given to him for reinstatement.”

Last weekend senior safety Geno Smith was arrested for driving while intoxicated, his second such arrest while at Bama, and junior defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor was arrested for domestic violence, a charge similar to one that had resulted in his dismissal from Georgia. He had entered Alabama after a year in junior college.

Taylor was dismissed from Alabama’s football program. Smith is suspended, but Saban said he has an opportunity to return to the team at a later date, perhaps this spring.


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