The More At BamaMag, The Merrier

We’ve all seen pictures of the old United States Army recruiting posters. “We Want You!” implores stern, finger-pointing Uncle Sam. This is to let you know that wants you and thoughtful Alabama fans like you.

When we started in the mid-1990s we had several goals, but the main one was to have a way to reach Alabama fans on a daily basis and to provide instant information on coaches, players, and recruiting with the ultimate Crimson Tide site on the Internet.

We know that you can search the web for Alabama football news, and we’ve spent time doing that. What we have found is that there is no other site matching for thoughtfulness, timeliness, accuracy, and depth. And we have also discovered that our posters reflect our reporting with mature discussion not often seen elsewhere.

We feel that John Garcia, Jr., is at the top in football recruiting coverage. A.P. Steadham covers a variety of subjects in depth. Cary L. Clark is on the road each Friday with his popular Friday Night Lights and is also reporting on football and basketball games and recruiting. Photographer Stuart McNair provides outstanding images after every game. Editor Kirk McNair has been covering the Crimson Tide for over 40 years, giving him unique perspective among Bama reporters. has long been partnered with and together we have been working to bring you more. A lot more. With your support we can provide you with more great Bama articles and forum posts, more inside information, more videos, more everything. In the last year we’ve created a site that works on mobile browsers, developed a soon-to-be-released iPhone app, and added video reports.

And there is more to come for our premium members, including Ticketmonster discounts, more active premium forums, fantasy advice from the world’s best players, new daily headline videos, and more. We’ll be explaining all this in detail in the days ahead.

We are hopeful that you – and thoughtful Crimson Tide fans like you – will consider supporting us as we build towards not only the best Alabama site, but also the most active. Become a member today…there couldn’t be a better time!


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