Tide Coach Nick Saban’s ‘Book Review’

Eventually, I will get around to reading the unauthorized biography of Alabama Coach Nick Saban. My hope is that it is a very, very long time before I have an opportunity to read the authorized biography.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban didn’t get the question he was waiting for following the Crimson Tide’s first day of fall camp Thursday. The questions from reporters were about this year’s Bama football team.

After the final question of the day had been asked and answered, the coach announced that he had something else to say, and admitted that he had not gotten the question he had hoped for. That question would have had something to do with a new book, “The Making of a Coach,” by Monte Burke.

That is the unauthorized biography.

Here’s how this works. Virtually every famous and accomplished person, who Nick Saban certainly is, will be the subject of a biography. It may be authorized, in which the subject cooperates with the writer. Some are called autobiographies, supposedly written by the subject though almost always with the help of a co-writer, or at the least a very accomplished editor (and painfully obvious when done without such help).

In both cases, the subject has a great deal of control over the finished product.

Then there is the unauthorized biography. The subject does not cooperate with the author, thus has no control over the final product, and almost always detests the result.

Saban didn’t sugarcoat it.

“I just want everybody to know that I’m opposed to an unauthorized biography on anybody,” Saban said. He depicted it as “some person that you don’t even know trying to profit by your story.” He also said it would be the last time he discussed the new book and he would not let it be a distraction to the team in its preparation for this season.

It is difficult for someone who will never be the subject of a biography to imagine how the subject of an unauthorized biography might react. Would he even read it? Certainly Saban is aware of a part of “The Making of a Coach,” because in a meeting with reporters he debunked Burke’s contention that Saban had any interest in leaving Alabama for Texas at the end of the 2013 season.

And there is a reason for any Alabama supporter to be in no hurry to hear what Saban said will be “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

It is because Saban is going to wait until his Alabama coaching career is over, and then he will write the authorized biography.

Saban said, “There’s only one expert on my life, and guess who that is. Me. There won’t be any misinformation. There won’t be any false statements. There won’t be any hearsay. There won’t be any expert analysis from anybody else. It will be the real deal.

“But since I’m not finished yet at Alabama, we’re not writing any books yet. But when we decide to write an authorized book, it will have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Saban is beginning his ninth year as head coach at Alabama. Tide followers hope it is a very long time before he becomes Author Nick Saban.

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