Fund Established For Altee Tenpenny

There seemed to be little doubt that the death of former Alabama tailback Altee Tenpenny on Tuesday had an adverse affect on the Crimson Tide practice Wednesday.

Although Altee Tenpenny had left the Alabama squad at the end of the 2014 season, he is still considered a part of the Alabama Family, and had many friends on the Tide team. Tenpenny was most recently in Tuscaloosa for Alabama’s homecoming football game against Arkansas.

The 20-year-old from North Little Rock, Ark., was killed Tuesday evening when the care he was driving left the road and flipped. Tenpenny was ejected.

The loss of Tenpenny has also affected former teammates. One of them, Jonathan Fulton, had this tweet Wednesday:

We all knew Altee as a guy that would do anything for anybody. Well now is our chance to give back to his family

The fund is for funeral expenses for Tenpenny.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban began his Wednesday evening press briefing with an expression of “gratitude and deepest sympathies to Altee Tenpenny and his family. Altee was part of our family here, and is special to a lot of people, and good friends with a lot of our players. I did have the opportunity to visit with his mother today and express the entire university’s and our organization’s condolences to their family, and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with Altee and his family.”

Denzel Devall got a telephone call from fellow Bama linebacker Reggie Ragland in the middle of the night telling him of Tenpenny’s death. DeVall said, “Lot of guys are down and stuff. It’s just picking each other up. Just remember the good times. Live, learn and just things, you know. Just got to work together to get through.”

Devall said he would remember Tenpenny for his “Big Smile. Dimples. I never saw him down. No matter what he was going through, he was always smiling. You would never know what was going on, if he was mad or not or what was going on. He was always smiling.”

Devall added, “I really couldn’t believe it. It seemed so surreal. It’s like a brother. It’s like what I was telling everybody today in the locker room - it’s like we’re all brothers. We’re around each other 24/7 and just to see one of your bothers gone, it’s going to hurt you hard. Just got to stick together to get through it and just keep pressing.”

Offensive lineman Cam Robinson said, “That was one of our brothers. That was a tough loss. We tried to come out at practice and focus what we were supposed to focus on, but it was obviously tough losing one of our brothers. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family right now.”

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