Almost Perfect Picks Gets A Few Right

The nerds in the Almost Perfect Picks Department were swapping high fives late Saturday night. At least they were trying to slap hands. Most are so uncoordinated they were just slapping air.

What had the APP feeling good was that they had been very close on their prediction of the Alabama win over LSU. The APP didn’t figure on Adam Griffith making a 55-yard field goal or A'Shawn Robinson leaping over the LSU snapper to block an extra point kick. Thus, the prediction that should have been – Bama 27, LSU 17 – turned out actually to be Tide 30, Tigers 16.

Close enough for a chest bump, in which one geek cracked a tooth on the head of another.

Although we had predicted that Arkansas would have a miracle fourth down and 25 overtime lateral that would lead to the win, we neglected to share that in our written prediction, so you just have to trust we saw it coming. We realize that it seems unlikely that we had that vision since we had incorrectly predicted an Ole Miss victory in that bizarre game.

Although we didn’t pick Ole Miss to lose, we were pleased that the Rebels went down, putting Bama back on top of the SEC West and two conference wins away from making it to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game against Florida on Dec. 5.

Yes, we correctly picked Florida to beat Vanderbilt, though we were somewhat off on the score.

For the week, we continued to do well on picking the straight up winner, 5-2. We were not so good vs. the spread, or line (number of points by which a team is favored), or against the over/under (predicted number of points to be scored by both teams), 3-4 in both categories.

For the year, the APP now is 66-18 in picking SEC winners and 47-28 against the over/under, but only 34-41 vs. the spread.

Looking at the results from last week:

In a Thursday game, Mississippi State at Missouri (Mississippi State favored by 8, over/under 39) – PREDICTION: Mississippi State 20, Missouri 6. ACTUAL: Bulldogs 31, Tigers 13. Correct on winner and against the line, incorrect on over/under.

Vanderbilt at Florida (Florida favored by 21 1/2, o/u 39 1/2) – PREDICTION: Florida 35, Vanderbilt 0. ACTUAL: Florida 9, Vanderbilt 7. Correct on winner and o/u, missed against the spread.

Kentucky at Georgia (Georgia favored by 14, o/u 55) – PREDICTION: Georgia 27, Kentucky 10. ACTUAL: Georgia 27, Kentucky 3. Correct on winner, against the spread, and o/u.

Arkansas at Ole Miss (Ole Miss favored by 11, o/u 56) – PREDICTION: Ole Miss 28, Arkansas 20. ACTUAL: Arkansas 53, Ole Miss 52 (overtime). Wrong, wrong, wrong, but happy to be wrong on the actual winner.

South Carolina at Tennessee (Tennessee favored by 16 1/2, o/u 56 1/2) – PREDICTION: Tennessee 38, South Carolina 21. ACTUAL: Tennessee 27, South Carolina 24. Correct on the winner, but incorrect against the line and vs. the o/u.

Auburn at Texas A&M (Texas A&M favored by 7 1/2, o/u 56) – PREDICTION: Texas A&M 42, Auburn 31. ACTUAL: Auburn 26, Texas A&M 10. Incorrect on everything.

LSU at Alabama (Alabama favored by 5 1/2, o/u 51) – PREDICTION: Alabama 27, LSU 17. ACTUAL: Alabama 30, LSU 16. Correct on the winner, correct against the spread, and correct vs. the o/u.

We’ll have this week’s predictions on Friday.

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