Last Week Of SEC Was Upset Free

The Almost Perfect Picks Department, regardless of its weekly predictions against the betting line, does not encourage gambling on college football. Nonetheless, the APP shared in the joy – if not the winnings – of Alabama fans as Derrick Henry scored a late touchdown against Auburn to change the landscape of winners and losers in more ways than one.

It also helped the APP in its final week of picks this year as Alabama not only won its game, but with that late touchdown also won against the betting line.

We’ll gauge popular opinion as to whether to drag the members of the APP Department away from the egg nog to make bowl picks on Southeastern Conference teams.

In the last week of regular season play (and predictions), the favorites came through with wins. That meant that the APP finished 7-2 on picking the winner, uncharacteristically decent at 5-4 against the spread, and uncharacteristically poor against the over/under at 3-5.

For the year, the APP finished at 83-28 in picking SEC winners and 58-39 against the over/under (predicted number of points expected to be scored by both teams), but only 45-54 vs. the spread (also known as the line, the number of points by which a team is favored).

Here’s how we did game-by-game:

Missouri at Arkansas (Arkansas favored by 14 points, over/under 44 1/2) – PREDICTION: Arkansas 28, Missouri 16 ACTUAL: Arkansas 28, Missouri 3. Correct on winner, incorrect against the spread, correct on o/u.

Louisville at Kentucky (Louisville favored by 4, o/u 53 1/2) –PREDICTION: Kentucky 24, Louisville 21 ACTUAL: Louisville 38, Kentucky 24 Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Clemson at South Carolina (Clemson favored by 17 1/2, o/u 54) – PREDICTION: Clemson 56, South Carolina 9 ACTUAL: Clemson 37, South Carolina 32. Correct on winner and vs. the o/u, wrong against the line.

Georgia at Georgia Tech (Georgia favored by 5 1/2, o/u 48) – PREDICTION: Georgia 24, Georgia Tech 17 ACTUAL: Georgia 13, Georgia Tech 7. Correct on all counts except boring the Georgia AD into firing Richt.

Vanderbilt at Tennessee (Tennessee favored by 17 1/2, o/u 40 1/2) – PREDICTION: Tennessee 31, Vanderbilt 10 ACTUAL: Tennessee 53, Vanderbilt 28. Correct on the winner and against the spread, wrong vs. the o/u.

Ole Miss at Mississippi State (Ole Miss favored by 1, o/u 64) – PREDICTION: Mississippi State 31, Ole Miss 21 ACTUAL: Ole Miss 38, Mississippi State 27. Missed everything.

Texas A&M at LSU (LSU favored by 5 1/2, o/u 55) – PREDICTION: LSU 31, Texas A&M 24 ACTUAL: LSU 19, Texas A&M 7. Correct on the winner and against the spread, and no mark on the o/u.

Florida State at Florida (FSU favored by 3, o/u 43) – PREDICTION: FSU 28, Florida 17 ACTUAL: FSU 27, Florida 2. Correct on winner and against the spread, wrong on o/u.

Alabama at Auburn (Alabama favored by 14 1/2, o/u 48 1/2) – PREDICTION: Alabama 35, Auburn 17 ACTUAL: Alabama 29, Auburn 13. Correct on winner and against the spread, wrong on o/u.

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