Cheshire Academy Freshman 7-2 Chol Marial Garnering National Attention from Hoops College Programs

Avery Johnson is charged with the task of transforming Alabama basketball into a Southeastern Conference Championship contender and perennial NCAA Tournament participant. Convincing top-tier talent Tuscaloosa is a nurturing environment propelling them to the NBA is paramount to achieving elite status for the program. Johnson has shown a propensity to look beyond the normal boundaries for players.

The primary recruiting area is within the state and region but a complimentary source of potential candidates exists in the New England prep school ranks.  Foreign players eager for a chance to flourish in a new country flock to these institutions. Usually they are in the early developmental stages.  Alabama could look to Cheshire Academy (Conn), home to 7-2, 205 pound freshman Chol Marial, a 16-year old student from the Sudanese.  He is graceful and coordinated way beyond his years despite the recent introduction to the game in 2013. Exceptional footwork can be attributed to his youthful days spent as a soccer player.  Marial displays a light shooting touch in the paint and possesses excellent timing allowing him to be a disruptive shot blocker and rim protector.

Scholarship offers have come from Delaware, Florida State, Iowa and West Virginia.  A host of schools from across the country are calling to express extreme interest. visited with Head Coach Kevin Kehoe and the future highly ranked recruit and game changer on the boarding school campus.  Listen and watch as Kehoe assesses the emerging prospect and Marial speaks of his new pastime and favorite dunk.

Note:  Cheshire Academy alumnus, Jamal Faulkner, a 6-7 forward, played at The University of Alabama (1993-94 & 1994-95).

Chol Marial FT’s

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