Construction progress continues

Construction on the power plant between Coleman Coliseum and the track field is nearing completion. Preparation of the foundation of the Football Complex annex continues. <br><br>Besides preliminary preparations, work on Bryant Hall, the Soccer Stadium and the Outdoor Tennis Complex hasn't yet begun.

(Above left) View of the front corner of the new power plant, showing the UA seal. The building will serve both Coleman Coliseum and the renovated Football Complex.

Work continues on the site preparation for the Football Annex. The new construction will tag onto the end of the existing building. The several offices on the North face of the building have all been temporarily relocated.

View of what will be the front corner of the annex. Work on the foundation continues, with much of the footings already poured.

Note the far right-hand office, which used to belong to Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines. He and Paul Randolph (office immediately to the left) have been moved to other rooms on the second floor.

Artist's rendering of the remodeled Football Complex, with the annex shown to the right. The enhanced Strength and Conditioning Center will include an expanded Sports Medicine Facility to give athletes a superior level of care so they can continue to compete or quickly return to action if they're injured. Expansion and remodeling will add over 30,000 square feet to the existing football building.

Workers spent Wednesday putting the stadium signs in place.

The University of Alabama seal adorns the corner of the power plant. To the right is the edge of the Track Field. After the sides are bricked up, a new scoreboard will be added to this wall.

Sam Bailey Track and Field Stadium

View of the area next to the soccer fields. The stands will be built into the side of the slope (below the light poles), with the stadium entrance attaching to the parking lot that will be shared with the REC center (in the right background).

Artist's rendering of the new soccer stadium to be built around the current soccer playing field near the recreation fields. The field is already one of the top playing surfaces in the Southeastern Conference, and the lighting for the field is second to none.

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