More scenes from practice

Shrugging off an early-afternoon downpour, the Tide squad was again hard at work Wednesday, preparing for their season opener that is now less than four weeks away.

(Above left) Brandon Avalos (left in yellow jersey) works with the "gunners" during special teams practice with Coach Charlie Harbison supervising. An excellent all-around athlete with very good speed, every time Avalos is spotted without a football in his hand, some "intrepid writer" assumes he's changing positions. Nothing of the kind. In fact, Coach Shula had special praise Tuesday for the skill set Avalos brings to quarterback.

If it looks like Special Teams Coordinator and Tight Ends Coach Dave Ungerer is having fun, you'd be right. The East Coast native admitted to having to adjust to the Tuscaloosa heat, but he's thoroughly enjoying the challenge of coaching for the Crimson Tide.

It may look confusing to some, but at least true freshman offensive lineman Justin Moon (#72) knows where he's going. After stretching, the Tide players sprint to their next drills.

With position coach Dave Rader looking on, Brodie Croyle warms up before practice. Croyle said that he has never been involved in such physically demanding practices.

Don't believe the positive reports about Dennis Alexander's weight loss? Well, pictures don't lie. "Big D" isn't quite as big as he used to be, but he says he wouldn't have it any other way. Alexander hopes to use his final season as a springboard to a pro career.

Given that she and her husband are expecting a child in just a few months, Shari Shula definitely deserves the golf cart ride. Coaches put in long hours during fall camp--especially head coaches--and the Shula family has been careful to provide as much time for Dad Mike and daughter Samantha to interact as possible.

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