Alabama back in contention for in-state 4-star linebacker Tadarian Moultry following A-Day visit

Tadarian Moultry had all but eliminated Alabama of late but the four-star's visit to A-Day has the Crimson Tide back in the mix.

"They're back in the mix," Tadarian Moultry said of Alabama Sunday. 

The defending national champions had fluctuated on the four-star Birmingham (Ala.) Jackson-Olin linebackers list following what he called miscommunication earlier this spring. But after visiting for A-Day, the Crimson Tide again has its shot for the Scout300 talent.

Taking in Tuscaloosa with family, minus his mother who "loves" the program, it was the only spring game visit Moultry made.

"My coach, his friends, my two little brothers, my cousin and my uncle came with me," he said. "They enjoyed themselves. My little brothers haven't been to 'Bama or the facilities yet so they loved it. My cousin and uncle go to A-Day every year so they love the environment. They're all a part of my recruitment."

The safety-turned-linebacker was focused on his new position during the game itself. 

"I loved it, I loved how the defense was flying to the ball, they looked real good out there," he said. "They only allowed 10 points and that was in the fourth quarter. I was watching the linebackers, Reuben Foster impressed me, that's my boy right there. (Rashaan) Evans, (Shaun) Hamilton, all of them, for real."

Defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt reconnected with one of the top in-state defenders during the visit. 

"He said, 'you know how we feel about you. If you feel like you want to come here, cool, but if you feel like you want to go to another school, go to another school.' He was being honest," Moultry said. "He was saying I need to go where I feel comfortable and that they can handle it. He said we're business men, we can handle ourselves. With me being a young man, as I am, I see it more personal with him, he treated me like a man."

Other sit-downs were shorter but time with the head coach was again memorable, he added. 

"I talked to coach (Tosh) Lupoi, I talked to Reub(en) Foster, I met with coach Nick Saban when I was talking to some other people," he said. "I didn't see him at first but he came over and noticed me and started talking. I felt important. He's a busy man so I know when he stops what he was doing to speak to me is important. It felt good."

With the Crimson Tide back in the picture, Moultry says it's a four-team race for a verbal commitment that is likely in the coming weeks.

"I have my four (schools). It's Ole Miss, LSU and the two (in-state) schools (Auburn and Alabama)," he said. "It will probably be during the spring. We start practice Monday and we start hitting on the 27th. It could be in the middle of spring or before it ends, it will be around this time."

Moultry is looking to visit LSU for the first time before deciding. A return trip to Mississippi is scheduled for next weekend.

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