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Alabama Coach Nick Saban has no revelations on big issues in an SEC teleconference

To the surprise of no one, Nick Saban had nothing to add on Bo Davis resignation questions

Anyone who expected Alabama Coach Nick Saban to have anything to say about the recent “resignation” of Crimson Tide defensive line coach Bo Davis or about the rumored selection of Karl Dunbar to be the replacement must have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo early Thursday.


The questions had to be asked in the post-spring Southeastern Conference telephone interview with Alabama Coach Saban, but he had next-to-nothing to say about either of those developments, or about his reported upcoming participation in a so-called satellite camp at Samford University in Birmingham.


Regarding whether Saban could provide any more insight into the Davis situation, including whether there were NCAA implications, Saban said, “I’m not going to comment on any personnel decisions or any investigations. We put a statement out. We’re all about trying to do everything right here at Alabama, and we’re going to do everything we can to do it right, make it right. Bo submitted his letter of resignation and we appreciate the contributions he made to the program here and we wish him the very best in the future.”


As for finding a replacement for Davis, Saban said, “We’re working on it. We’ve interviewed a few people. Now is not really a great time for people to be looking for jobs and not a good time for people to leave the jobs they are in.  We’re doing the best job we can to do the due diligence to see who is available to us and we’ll hire the best person we can to help our players up front.”


As for his participation in a satellite camp, Saban said, “We’re going to participate on a limited basis and we’re continuing to work on plans. But we’re going to continue to focus on our camps here. Our camps here have always been about player development and we’ve done a great job teaching with a great staff. They’ve been beneficial and we’ve had a great response to our camps here. Any player that’s interested in coming to school here has an opportunity to see what The University of Alabama has to offer. We’re going to participate on a limited basis on some of those. We’re not allowed to promote where we’re going, so I’m not going to comment on that. We’re going to continue to focus on trying to get kids to come to The University of Alabama camp.”


Saban also spoke of the just-completed NFL draft in which Alabama had seven players drafted, including center Ryan Kelly in the first round, and eight others who signed free agent contracts with professional teams. He said he is “excited for all 15 who have a chance.” He said the undergraduates who made the decision to go out early, Heisman Trophy winning running back Derrick Henry and defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson, both drafted in the second round, “made good decisions.”


Saban said that spring practice had been good, particularly for young players, and that he was “pleased with the progress, but not quite satisfied with where we are.”


Following the completion of spring practice, Saban said he met individually with all players to discuss what they needed to do to improve, in football and in other areas, over the summer. “This is finals week, and we’re trying to finish the semester strong academically,” he said.


Players return to campus after Memorial Day for summer school and off-season workouts.

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