Sights and scenes from fall camp

It's really impossible to explain how hot it gets practicing football under a blistering August Tuscaloosa sun. But pictures of the after-effects can come close. <br><br>How hot was it? Just ask the players.

(Above left) Squad warms up with side-to-side striding. Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard prefers to utilize "movement warmups" whenever possible.

How hot is it on the practice fields? Judge for yourself. Sophomore cornerback Charlie Peprah talks with a reporter, demonstrating clearly the combined effects of a Tuscaloosa August and football practice on the human body.

Some things in football never change. Even the oldest of old-timers would recognize this activity, as the various Tide offensive linemen wrestle the blocking sled into position.

It's up there somewhere. Senior receiver Zach Fletcher looks back over his shoulder for the pass. The football did finally come down. And Zach caught it.

Coach Pollard shouts instruction during pre-practice stretching. All summer long the players "belonged" to him, but now he's "handed them off" to Mike Shula and the Tide staff.

It's not that the players are showing off, but there comes a point where an athlete will do whatever is necessary to cool off. J.B. Closner, set to start at center for the Tide, talks with a reporter.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines (right) talks with Defensive Ends Coach Paul Randolph (left) before practice. With just weeks to install a new offense, it's reasonable to assume that Alabama will depend on its defense in early games.

More than any other popular sport in America, football is a team game. No offense to Mike Shula, but the 2003 Alabama squad will go as far as its players can take it. In this photo the Tide seniors direct the final segment of warm-up before practice begins in earnest.

True freshman defensive tackle Dominic Lee talks to a reporter. Coach Shula singled Lee out for praise recently, noting his athleticism. It's extremely hard for a true freshman to play his first season--especially on the line. But Lee remains a possibility.

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