JUCO coach of Alabama signee Jamar King: 'Not to worry, he'll be there.'

Most of Alabama's No. 1 class of 2016 is already on campus but one notable prospect has yet to make it in. BamaMag spoke to Jamar King and his junior college coach for more.

The rise of junior college prospect Jamar King in the class of 2016 was a fast and furious one, culminating with a signature for the Alabama Crimson Tide on national signing day. 

Since, however, the defensive lineman has been tasked with the need to not only focus on his academics, but to get through 27 credits this past semester in order to make it to Tuscaloosa with his fellow newcomers for the first summer session. It began this week and King has yet to report to Tuscaloosa. 

BamaMag sources learned just one class could be the hurdle, later confirmed by both King and the head coach at Mendocino College, Frank Espy. The course was completed on May 27 but the final tally has not yet been calculated. Should he not make the grade, the class will likely be repeated or substituted.

According to the coach, the next available course would begin in "a couple weeks," further delaying King's arrival at Alabama until sometime in July.


"Jamar is just finishing up the academic responsibility that goes along with being a Division I football player, not just on the field but in the classroom as well," Espy told BamaMag's A.P. Steadham. "He's just finishing up. The thing a lot of people don't know is that Jamar is actually a really, really good student. 

"He took 20 units in the fall and took 27 units in the spring. So anybody in the academic world can understand that's a lot of units."

King, who also relayed his confidence to BamaMag Tuesday evening, hasn't been solely focused off the field of late, either. 

"He's in great spirits, he's here everyday, still working out," Espy said. "He's in good shape and he's trying to handle everything that he can."

The feeling coming out of California from both parties remains consistently confident, as if it is only a matter of when and not if King will soon be in Tuscaloosa for good.

"Not to worry, he'll be there," Espy said.

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