Offensive & Special Teams newcomers

Spots on the 105 early reporting roster are precious. Numerous returning players, some of whom played key roles in past seasons, were not included. <br><br>Take a look at new offensive and kicking game athletes in this photo report.

(Above left) Punter Patrick Eades from Hoover High School was brought in as a true freshman to be a part of the 105-roster.

Tim Castille (left) talks with Le'Ron McClain (right) earlier in the summer. The recent report that McClain passed his exit exam is good news. Though he still must get through the Clearinghouse, it's now reasonably hoped that he'll be available this fall. His arrival will shuffle the deck at running back. Castille, who before was considered probable to play this season at fullback, now may end up redshirting. But until McClain actually makes it to the practice field, nothing will be decided anytime soon.

Chris Capps (left without jersey) and Justin Moon (#71) walk off the field with other Tide linemen. Coach Bobby Connelly had praise for both players Tuesday, calling Moon a "big ole lineman who can throw his weight around," and proclaiming that Capps will definitely have a good career before he's done. However, it's expected that both true freshmen linemen will end up redshirting this season.

The brother of middle linebacker Freddie Roach and half-brother of former Tide receiver Tim Bowens (now Alabama's Director of High School Relations), Will Roach definitely has good athletic genes. He's a tall receiver with very good speed, who can make the difficult catch look easy. It's possible he could play this season, but with Bama's numerous senior wideouts Will will more than likely redshirt.

In something of a surprise move, freshman Jamie Christensen (#28) was brought in ahead of several veteran placekickers. The coaches apparently like his potential, but returning starters Kyle Robinson and Brian Bostick are both having an excellent fall camp and are expected to divide the kickoff and placekicking duties this season.

Receivers Matt Caddell (left) and Tyrone Prothro (right) pose for the camera. Both players have been mentioned by Head Coach Mike Shula for their efforts, and both athletes also possess excellent kick-return talents. However, Shula has also said that unless the player was "clearly better" than other contenders, he wasn't inclined to play a true freshman for kick-return duties alone. Of course both Caddell and Prothro are also excellent receivers, but Bama is very deep at that position.

A valuable walk-on, Will Denniston (shown on the bench press) can help at any of several positions. He was brought in to fall camp to provide depth at tight end, where he has worked since the 105 reported.

Justin Moon (#71) and Travis West (#76) stretch before practice. Of the three incoming offensive linemen, West is closest to being ready. Coach Connelly has been working him at center, where a reliable backup is needed as senior Matt Lomax works to get completely healthy. But obviously the coaches would always prefer to redshirt every true freshman on the offensive line if possible.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're still trying to get two pictures, but the plan is to follow up with another photo report featuring the defensive newcomers tomorrow.

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