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Alabama football players Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones have charges dismissed

Alabama Coach Nick Saban has no comment on the dropping of charges or possible discipline

It’s not true that Alabama threatened to pull out of its game against Southern Cal in Arlington, Texas, in the so-called “Jerry Dome” of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones if the District Attorney – Jerry Jones – in Monroe, La., did not dismiss the charges against two Crimson Tide football stars.

It is not true that Laurence “Hootie” Jones – one of the Alabama players who had been arrested and charged in their hometown of Monroe last month – is related by birth or marriage to the aforementioned district attorney.

Nor is it true that Alabama Coach Nick Saban allowed former Alabama player Joey Jones to have his satellite football camp with Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh on Joey Jones’ South Alabama campus on the condition football coach Jones would intercede with district attorney Jones.

What IS true is that Alabama football players Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones will not be prosecuted on drugs and weapons charges. District Attorney Jerry Jones of Louisiana’s Fourth Judicial District cited “insufficient evidence” for his decision to dismiss the case.

He also said, "I'm dismissing this case because I refuse to ruin the careers of two young men who worked very hard ... to obtain the ability to play a game and therefore make themselves more upwardly mobile. Destroying the lives of two young men over the possession of 5/10th gram of marijuana is not something I'm willing to do."

There were also charges against the two for having handguns. The district attorney said the state requires proof of a relation between firearm possession and a drug offense, so the two objects being in the same place at the same time is not enough.

There had been numerous reports prior to the scheduled hearing for Robinson and Jones that the district attorney had a history of being lenient against first offenders.

As expected, Alabama Coach Nick Saban had no comment on Monday’s dismissal or on what, if any, discipline awaits the two players.

Robinson and Jones were arrested very early in the morning of May 17 in a Monroe park and were charged with possession of a controlled substance and illegal carrying of a weapon (handguns) in the presence of narcotics. Robinson was also charged with felony possession of a weapon that had been reported stolen.

The district attorney said, “Possession of stolen property is a very, very difficult crime to prosecute." To do so, he said, there must be proof the defendant was aware, or should have been aware, that the property was stolen when he took possession of it.

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