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Alabama’s Cam Robinson is one of nation’s best offensive tackles

We’ll have to wait to see how Alabama Coach Nick Saban handles Cam Robinson issue

To say that there has been plenty of summer conversation about Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson is an understatement. His arrest along with teammate Hootie Jones in their hometown of Monroe, La., along with the subsequent dropped charges offended Bama haters and added to the mystery of Robinson’s immediate future.

The issue is how Alabama Coach Nick Saban might add to Robinson’s discipline. As is always the case at Alabama (and almost everywhere else), any such penalties are administered behind the shield of “internal,” meaning there is no announcement. Most wonder whether Robinson will be suspended for one or more games beginning in the fall.

There is no way to know what Saban might do, but one can guess that he knows more about the summer situation in Monroe than just about everyone. Saban certainly is not above suspension. Indeed, Robinson and Jones are suspended during the summer, and also involved in community service, drug testing, etc. That’s how it works sometimes.

Saban also has a history of game suspensions, even though there is a school of thought that such discipline has the unfair aspect of penalizing innocent teammates by taking away a teammate. Taking Cam Robinson away from that protective left tackle spot could be particularly unfair – not to mention unhealthy – for a first-year starting quarterback.

Whether Robinson is on the field for Alabama’s season-opening game against Southern Cal in Arlington, Texas, on Sept. 3, there will be an outstanding offensive tackle in the game. Both Robinson and USC senior Zach Banner are ranked among the nation’s top five in the nation.

Just by virtue of playing in the Southeastern Conference, Alabama will face top players at every position almost every week, and that includes some of the top offensive tackles in the nation. Senior Dan Skipper of Arkansas is also among those considered to be in the top five with Robinson and Banner. (The others are junior Roderick Johnson of Florida State and sophomore Mitch Hyatt of Clemson.)

Tennessee’s offensive line features outstanding tackle Jashon Robertson.

Sophomore Maea Teuhema is an outstanding tackle at LSU.


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