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In last eight years, Alabama has won 20 more games than second best SEC football team

From 2008 through 2015, Alabama is 98-12 with four SEC and four national championships

Franz Beard, the fine columnist for the Florida site,, naturally looks at the world of college athletics from a Gators perspective, but that doesn’t keep him from bringing up subjects of interest to all.

It wasn’t that long ago that Florida seemed destined to dominate the Southeastern Conference. In 2008, the Gators defeated Alabama, 31-20, in the SEC Championship Game and Florida went on to win the national championship. It was Nick Saban’s second year as head coach at Bama and Urban Meyer would be coaching the Gators for two more years.

Now Saban is second in the SEC in longevity as he enters his 10th season while the Gators had Meyer “retire,” disposed of Will Muschamp, and moved on to former Crimson Tide assistant Jim McElwain, entering his second year in Gainesville.

Beard looked at what has happened to Florida (and the rest of the SEC) beginning with that 2008 season.

In a nutshell – again, from the Florida vs. Alabama perspective – in the past eight years, the Crimson Tide has a record of 98-12 and the Gators are 73-32. Bama has 25 more victories and 20 fewer losses than Florida in that time period.

Beard’s column always ends with a Question of the Day. This one was, “Which is the bigger surprise to you when you look at the football stats of the SEC since 2008: That Alabama has won 19 [actually 20] more games than its closest competitor or that Florida has fallen so far behind?”

Here are the Alabama numbers beginning in 2008:

Overall: 98-12

Home: 52-4
Road/Neutral: 46-6

Vs. SEC: 61-9
Vs. Ranked: 28-12

Vs. Unranked: 70-0

Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 61-12

Beard pointed out that Alabama has not lost a game against an unranked team and is plus-16 against ranked teams. The Tide also has the best home and away records among SEC teams. He didn’t need to include that in that time Bama has won four SEC championships and four national championships.

Beard also provided statistics for the rest of the SEC 2008-15. It was no surprise in this eight-year snapshot that LSU is second to Alabama in overall record. Somewhat surprising, though, is that Missouri is fifth in that time and Tennessee is 12th, ahead of only Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Also, that Mississippi State has a slightly better record than Ole Miss. And that even though Auburn has made two trips to the national championship game in that period, going 14-0 and 12-2 in those two seasons, in the other six years the Tigers are only 39-37.

Following Alabama in order of overall record, the rest of the SEC:

2. LSU

Overall: 78-26

Home: 49-8

Road/Neutral: 29-18

Vs. SEC: 43-26
Vs. Ranked: 17-20

Vs. Unranked: 61-6
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 40-25


Overall: 74-32

Home: 42-9
Road/Neutral: 32-23
Vs. SEC: 43-23
Vs. Ranked: 11-24
Vs. Unranked: 63-8
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 31-31


Overall: 73-32

Home: 41-13

Road/Neutral: 32-19

Vs. SEC: 44-23
Vs. Ranked: 14-26
Vs. Unranked: 59-6
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 35-31


Overall: 69-36

Home: 36-15
Road/Neutral: 33-21

Vs. SEC: 17-15
Vs. Ranked: 5-22
Vs. Unranked: 64-14
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 35-31


Overall: 66-38

Home: 43-12
Road/Neutral: 23-26

Vs. SEC: 34-31
Vs. Ranked: 18-19
Vs. Unranked: 48-19

Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 30-32


Overall: 65-39

Home: 44-15
Road/Neutral: 21-24
Vs. SEC: 32-34
Vs. Ranked: 15-26
Vs. Unranked: 50-13
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 34-37


Overall: 62-41

Home: 35-20
Road/Neutral: 27-21

Vs. SEC: 17-15

Vs. Ranked: 9-26
Vs. Unranked: 53-15
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 28-36


Overall: 59-43

Home: 31-18

Road/Neutral: 28-25
Vs. SEC: 28-36

Vs. Ranked: 2-32
Vs. Unranked: 58-11
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 20-41


Overall: 58-44

Home: 36-20

Road/Neutral: 22-11
Vs. SEC: 27-37
Vs. Ranked: 12-24
Vs. Unranked: 46-20
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 26-32


Overall: 56-45

Home: 36-17

Road/Neutral: 20-28

Vs. SEC: 26-38
Vs. Ranked: 10-28
Vs. Unranked: 46-17
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 24-42


Overall: 49-51

Home: 36-22
Road/Neutral: 13-29
Vs. SEC: 22-42
Vs. Ranked: 3-33

Vs. Unranked: 46-18
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 17-44


Overall: 42-58

Home: 26-28
Road/Neutral: 16-30

Vs. SEC: 18-46
Vs. Ranked: 1-30
Vs. Unranked: 41-28
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 10-45


Overall: 39-60

Home: 29-28

Road/Neutral: 10-32
Vs. SEC: 13-51
Vs. Ranked: 1-27
Vs. Unranked: 38-33
Vs. D1 teams with winning records: 8-48


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