John Lucido Head Coach of Antioch HS has Once in a Lifetime Player Alabama Commit Najee Harris

Coaching the top high school football player in America may be a challenge especially if the prospect is a prima donna but not for John Lucido, the mild-mannered Head Football Coach at Antioch HS (CA) entrusted with the enviable task. His personality is simpatico with the star running back creating all the national attention.

Exuding a humbleness and maturity beyond his years, Najee Harris is’s number one rated player in America for the class of 2017.  Lucido is the perfect calm figure in the eye of the media storm swirling around the program these past three seasons since the arrival of a once in a life-time talent. spent an afternoon embedded with the program watching a weight training session and practice before interviewing Lucido about coaching the 6-2, 221 pound prized pupil.  He spoke of the unique experience, the ancillary benefits of Harris being on the team and his participation as a coach at the Alabama football camp in June. 


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