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First week of selections hits Alabama and is generally okay

Almost Perfect Picks department has some winners and some losers

Like beauty, “Almost” is in the eye of the beholder. Our resident nerds in the Almost Perfect Picks Department of thought they did pretty well for a first week of selections of Southeastern Conference football games. Others might say “not so hot.”


In defense of the pickers, they did well on a few games, including the one of most interest – Alabama vs. Southern Cal. If you’ll recall, Bama was an 11 ½ point favorite and the over-under (the combined number of points in the game) was 53 ½. The APP predicted Alabama to win by 34-20. Thus, the pick was correct as to the winner, correct against the line, and correct on the over-under.


How about UCLA at Texas A&M? The pick was Aggies 31, Bruins 24. Result? Aggies 31, Bruins 24.


To get to the bottom line, the pickers were correct on the winning team in nine games, wrong in four. Against the line, it was 6-7. As to the over-under it was 9-4.


The missed winners were all true upsets – South Carolina over Vanderbilt (13-10) a mild upset, Southern Miss over Kentucky (44-35) not too surprising, South Alabama over Mississippi State (21-20) a shocker for the Bulldogs, and Wisconsin beating LSU (16-14) very discouraging for a team many had picked as a national championship contender.


In addition to getting all three aspects of the picks correct in the Alabama and Texas A&M games, the APP was perfect in West Virginia’s 26-11 win over Missouri, Georgia’s 33-24 win over North Carolina, and Florida State’s 45-34 win over Ole Miss.


But the APP didn’t get anything right in the LSU-Wisconsin game, having picked Les Miles’s Tigers to win by 31-13.


Other results for SEC teams in the season-opening weekend were:


Tennessee 20, Appalachian State 13; Arkansas 21, Louisiana Tech 20; Florida 24, Massachusetts 7; and Clemson 19, Auburn 13.

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