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4-star QB Mac Jones recaps first Alabama game experience, sit-down with Saban and more

Four-star Alabama quarterback commitment Mac Jones has been to Tuscaloosa several times but Saturday was his first game visit. The Floridian recaps his time in town and much more with BamaMag.

It was his first game at Bryant-Denny Stadium and despite driving through the night after leading Jacksonville (Fla.) Bolles to another win, Alabama quarterback commitment Mac Jones had plenty to say of his time in Tuscaloosa.

"It was a good experience, obviously we were a little bit tired, we got in at 10 in the morning, but the game experience was awesome," he said. "We got to talk with coach [Nick] Saban a little bit, one-on-one and talk to all the other coaches and we got to go on the field and eat some great food so it doesn't get much better than that."

The latest sit-down with the top coach went longer than expected.

"I didn't think we were going to be able to talk to Saban for as long as we did," Jones said. "We were able to talk to him for 30 minutes before the game and that was cool, I didn't expect that. I thought he'd be really busy but he sat down with us and had a great conversation. 

"He talks, we kind of just listen to what he has to say. From his quarterbacks he's just looking for consistency and he wants that guy who can play a role and run the pro-style offense the way he wants it done. He's always preached that to us. He's really happy I'm going there and stuff like that and I'm really happy I made the right choice."

The four-star passer of course kept an eye on both Jalen Hurts and Blake Barnett during the 38-10 win over Western Kentucky.

"I thought both of the quarterbacks played pretty well. They want to use the spread skill-set more, coach Saban says you've got to use it to spread things out," he said. "He wants to run pro-style but he knows for what he has right now he has to run whatever offense fits the quarterback the best. Jalen did a good job of extending plays...I think they did a good job."

Before that point, the home opening atmosphere was apparent even in the wee hours of Saturday morning. 

"Just all the fans that were there, they were up at nine in the morning tailgating, it was cool to see that," Jones said. "Before that, we were two hours away (from Tuscaloosa) and you could just see herds of cars full of people just going towards the stadium so obviously it was cool seeing pretty much the whole state going there.

"I've visited a bunch of times but this was more unique with the fans and to see live action with Alabama's football team. It was definitely different than before. Surreal. Seeing the stadium fill up was a very cool moment, you could see people piling in, and that's for a game against Western Kentucky. Imagine if it was some crazy SEC opponent...and it filled up in five minutes."

Jones also spent some time with area-recruiter Brent Key and current UA offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. 

"I talked to coach Kiffin before the game for a little bit, it's always good to see him," he said. "Funny guy, kind of the comic relief guy. I didn't get the chance to meet coach Sark (Steve Sarkisian), he was there. Coach Saban's really happy to have him, he thinks we have the best offensive minds in football. I can't wait to get to meet him really and get to work with him a little bit."

Time was also spent with fellow prospects inside the venue. In addition to reconnecting with fellow commitment Hunter Brannon, more recruiting on top targets went down. It included the highest-rated prospect in attendance in five-star Amite (La.) wide receiver Devonta Smith

"I talked to Devonta for a while, he kind of does his own thing but I got to talk to him for a little bit," Jones said. "He looked like he was enjoying himself. I just kind of create a friendly relationship with him. Some guys, I'm like, 'dude you've got to come here!' But I make sure he does his own thing, he's like that. If you were around him you see him chill out so I let him do his own thing. Obviously I want him to come to Alabama. 

"We talked about his game Friday night, so just really chill stuff."

Accompanied by his parents and girlfriend, Jones is working to schedule a return visit to Alabama. It will likely be used as one of his allotted official visits.  


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